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  1. Finally recieved my service after 2 hours of the technician being here it was their system that had the problem and had not activated our service @tkessler the ball was in their court the entire time.
  2. Well when it was installed they told me it would take roughly an hour. I am pretty sure Monday- Wednesday is more than an hour. ( I would google that but I don't have internet)
  3. I was in a conversation with noc earlier today they asked for my s/n several times I gave them it several times and then just silence on their end.
  4. I just had ilox installed on Monday and I haven't even been able to use it nor can I get any help from customer service.
  5. Called the guy who installed our connection as no one was answering the phone at the office. The service guy said he would be here at my house in 1.5 hours and he never showed, when we called back he said that he doesn't work for ilox and that we must have the wrong number.
  6. Tried restarting computers and modem still nothing we are also in SAT.
  7. Ilox was installed on Monday and I haven't been able to use it. I called them and they said that their service was down and that they would have it running again either Tuesday afternoon or in the evening, its Wednesday and its still down. Is anyone else experiencing this outage? I have the Power light, PON and wifi light but no internet.
  8. It almost sounds like you are talking about this web board.
  9. Well this is my internet speed (I live 2 blocks east of lower la floresta.) currently and has been for quite sometime I have spoke to Telmex repeatedly. Telmex just does not want to know about it.
  10. Hi everyone, I don't want to waste anyone's time, but it is calcium carbonate powder. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  11. What was the name of your technician that repaired your computer?
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