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  1. I am looking for a house sitter or pet boarder for my 12 lb rat terrier from November 27 to Dec 4. She is a sociable and very friendly dog. Thanks for your attention to this message.
  2. Looking for a pet sitter from Nov 27 to Dec 4 for a 12 lb. rat terrier.
  3. Can I have the phone number for Lorena.  Thx.

  4. Interested in a dog sitter from Nov 27 to Dec 4. I have a 12 lb. rat terrier. If available, can you send your references to: sylviatsuji@gmail.com. Thanks,
  5. I am trying to calculate severance to fire a maid with 2 years of service but I have a question on the hours worked. My maid worked different hours - 16 hours/month when I was in Mexico and 4 hours/month when I was not. I did not pay her when I had renovations done on my house for a month. Do I take (a) an average of hours worked for the year and then determine the 3 months severance from that base, or (b) her current hourly wage before the termination date or (c) the highest hourly wage that she earned during the year. I know I have to pay (1) severance of 90 days (2) vacation pay - 8 days (2) Christmas bonus of 15 days pay and (3) Prima de Antiguedad of 12 days for each year of service but this is all based on an accurate calculation of base pay. So I am stuck not knowing how to calculate the above. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. We are a couple who are reaching their 80's and would like our daughter and son-in-law to come and live with us. Is there a special provision for direct relatives to be sponsored by their parents as they will be living with us. They will sell their business and house and our son-in-law will have a pension. Do we just apply at the immigration office for the forms? Will my children receive a temporary visa and then have to apply for a permanent visa? You help Spenser would be much appreciated.
  7. Does Victor still do these tours? I have called the number but there is no response.
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