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  1. David, yes have looked into the Airbnb possibility and waiting to hear pack from a couple of them. Oregon, unfortunately house sitting is not an option. RickS, I will not be taking my car to Canada but to date have not read anything that says I couldn't although maybe I missed something.
  2. Hello, as you can see, I seldom post but have followed this site for several years. I’m looking for some guidance and hope that someone can steer me in the right direction. I have tried a few of the Home Sitters web sites but am a bit too late for the time period I would like. I’m a Permanent Resident of Mexico and have lived here for the past 20 years, currently residing in Manzanillo. It turns out this year I need to return to Canada for 6 months or so and am looking for a “home base” during that time (April to September), but am flexible on those months. I’m not particular as to where in Canada I reside as I would be travelling throughout some of the Provinces to visit relatives. And no, I don’t want to stay with them for longer than a few days as I would rather keep our good relationship intact! I’m a female, nonsmoker, would not be bringing any pets, and do enjoy the outdoors. If you have any leads or thoughts, please email me at parotas48@gmail.com. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from someone! Re
  3. Really poptarte that is still very inexpensive.
  4. Thanks Cedros, I did do a search on their site before posting here. The Shaw site mentioned a factory reset but wanted some input, if available, from this forum before doing so.
  5. I bought and activated on my account a new Shaw 630 receiver in August 2014 but recently the ability to record has disappeared. The other day I got a message that the internal hard drive has been disabled and will not record although the receiver still works. I had unplugged it several months ago (did not remove it from my account) and just reactivated it last weekend and wonder if this may be part of the problem. Would you do a factory reset on this receiver or is it time to replace it? TIA for any suggestions or advice.
  6. Your rude comments were also removed. Mod5
  7. In a couple of weeks I need to renew my Seguro Popular coverage for the first time. Does anyone know what you need to take when renewing the coverage for another 3 year term? I was thinking that it may be a good idea to take the original document, current CFE bill and ??? TIA
  8. I had no problems sending a PM and receiving a PM from Cedros.
  9. Angus - he's looking for anyone that has $'s Alan - I also thought 24 hours was the norm for access John - no idea that the home was for sale and wouldn't have signed if that clause had of been part of the lease document; no the lease does not have a specific end date, actually its in perpetuity although I believe, at one time, no lease can be longer than 10 years. Time to move on, bad timing though as the snowbirds will be landing soon! Thanks to all for your input.
  10. There is no clause in the lease regarding access.
  11. Our Landlord has the property that we rent on the market. Twice now in the past week he has called and said that they would be by to show the property within the hour, today he called and said he would be by in 5 minutes. Does he not have to give more notice than that? I thought I had read somewhere, sometime, that 24 hours was reasonable.
  12. Terry, you've responded to a thread that is almost 2 years old.
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