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  1. These protesters were not looting. Residents of Fracc. Los Agaves are demonstrating for their rights to access running water. Due to the lack of water, the local school has also been cancelling classes and parents are concerned about the education (and lack thereof) that their children are receiving. For future reference, I recommend checking the Trafico ZMG facebook page https://www.facebook.com/traficozmg/?fref=ts and downloading the "Waze" app on your phone https://www.waze.com/ for updates on traffic conditions. As the name suggests, "Trafico ZMG" is limited to the greater metro
  2. If you're not able to find anyone on this webboard, I suggest trying out "Bla bla car". Horrible name, but a great concept and there are many PV-GDL options https://www.blablacar.com/ There are also a number of ride share facebook groups, such as rides San Pancho-GDL-PV https://www.facebook.com/groups/345201275625765/?fref=ts Good luck!
  3. My 2005 Nissan is wearing Costco and I can confirm that they sell new, "fresh" tires. Fun anecdote - A few months ago I managed to drive over a horseshoe and puncture our (almost brand new) tire. I won't even say what we were quoted at the auto shops in our small town, but we ended up driving into Guadalajara on our spare. The Costco guys had a good laugh at our predicament, repaired the punctured tire and guaranteed their work for a grand total of $60.00 MXN.
  4. Earth Box has a Mexico division and they are based out of Guadalajara - http://www.earthbox.mx/principal/index.php
  5. HI Lobos! I would first try contacting solar panel installers lakeside. As green roofs complement solar technology, they may have some contacts in the area! In Guadalajara I know of FIP 360º Facilitación Integral de Proyectos and EcoTejado. The folks at Azoteas Vivientes may be able to guide you in the right direction (azoteas.vivientes@gmail.com) http://www.ecotejado.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Fip360/ If those options don't pan out, you could also look to DF. A few years ago Mexico City's government announced financial incentives for builders including green roofs in their projects. Becau
  6. The price of gasoline will go down on January 1st, 2016! During the month of January, "verde" will cost $13.16/L (currently at $13.57/L) and "roja" will cost $13.68/L. Diesel will cost $13.77 per litre. Throughout 2016, prices will be allowed to fluctuate on a monthly basis (within +/- 3%). Supposedly, we will see gas imports in 2017 and a "completely liberalized market" by 2018. If you're interested in reading more, here is an article in Spanish: http://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/economia/asi-bajara-la-gasolina-en-2016.html and a summary in English: http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/gasoline-die
  7. Lots of different ways to express this idea J Just to give my two cents worth, I would ask: ¿Quieres que te dé un ride? (informal: tú ) or ¿Gusta que le dé un ride? (formal: usted) (As has been discussed previously, you can use “un aventón” instead of “un ride” and “ride” is pronounced almost like raid/rait) You could also say ¿Puedo llevarte a …. (tu casa, el walmart, etc.)? If you would like to be more formal you could say ¿Puedo llevarlo (or llevarla if it is a woman) a… ?
  8. xtrailer

    maple syrup

    Quick update: Costco on Vallarta (or Galerias Costco as we refer to it) is still fully stocked with Canadian Maple Syrup! $185.00MXN for 946ml.
  9. Travis, there was an ATM within the complex but it was out of order. Granted that was over a month ago, so it could be working again but I wouldn't depend on it I paid for the TIP with my credit card and had enough pesos to get me through to an ATM in Hermosillo. I drove an SUV with a full tank of gas and didn't have to fill up until Guaymas and tolls from the border to Guaymas were less than $100.00MXN (that being said, I crossed through town and I believe that the Mariposa crossing has an additional $50.00MXN+ in tolls). This website is handy for budgeting tolls and estimated gas costs: htt
  10. I crossed in late October of this year and it was a one stop shop. Everything is within the same complex at Km21 - INM (immigration), aduana (customs) and banjercito.
  11. The Cadavieco Blues Band is playing tonight at El BarCo in Ajijic! Great live blues band from Guadalajara and cost is $100 pesos cover at the door.
  12. I recommend subscribing to Netflix. Their entire Mexican catalogue comes with Spanish subtitles and there are quite a few Mexican dramas and telenovelas on offer. There are also some excellent local documentaries, last week we watched "Eco de la Montana".
  13. We took a day trip to Mazamitla yesterday and the road work doesn't seem to have advanced much in the past few weeks. There are a number of spots where the surface material goes from pavement to gravel to dirt, and vice versa. I'd recommend driving slow and steady during daylight hours, and be aware of any large vehicles in oncoming traffic (had to pull over in a few sections to let buses come through). That being said, the road has been under construction for years now and its not any worse than it was during construction on previous sections. Keep your windows rolled up if you don't want to
  14. Good morning all! I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself and offer my free services as a housesitter. I’m one half of a bilingual Mexican-Canadian couple. We live in Guadalajara, but we are looking to relocate lakeside in the near future. The big city is getting to be a bit too chaotic and we’d like less traffic and more hiking trails! Housesitting is the perfect way for us to get to know different areas of Jalisco before committing to purchasing our own home. During the holidays, we are normally found housesitting a large beach home in the bay of Chamela, but this year our schedu
  15. Thank you for the update! I'm glad I have one less trip to make to Alcalde, the endless Linea 3 construction continues to make parking (and walking) an absolute nightmare.
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