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  1. Second for Dr Haro's office... Excellent care and most professional...
  2. Suggest you buy a Garmin for your trip.... It was most useful when we were looking for our hotels on the way down...We over-nighted in Hermisillo and Mazatlan... We booked both on line. Be aware that the Hermisillo Hampton Inn advertises as it is pet friendly.. We got there at night and they would not accept our pet reservation... They did direct us to a hotel that did but I would not recommend this hotel... If you book on line, I suggest a call to the hotel to verify pet acceptance...
  3. The official name is Lakeside Medical Group... Address is on the Carreterra Hidalgo #244 in Riberas on the lakeside of the carreterra.
  4. If you or your husband are qualified for Tricare you can obtain coverage in Mexico. Lakeside Clinic takes Tricare and provides excellent service... They also take most major US plans... We pay for minor items out of pocket... We also keep our medicare coverage in the states...
  5. I have tried to contact you re: your vocho... If you get this give me a call at 766 4720.


    Roger Van Parys



  6. Can you send me info on your vocho?  Pls send to my email... rvanparys@hotmail.com



  7. I have successfully ordered multiple times from Amazon MX... I purchased bench tools that were top brands and just slightly more than what Amazon US quoted... Delivery was within a week...
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