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  1. Interestingly, When we came to Mexico two weeks ago, we had filled the forms out on line. When we hit immigration the agent put threw away the entry portion and placed the return portion on a stack leaving us with no return portion. 

     When we left Mexico on Tues., the immigration agent filled out the forms for us and marked them Permanente... Great service...

  2. On using  Texas for a residence... We used our son's address when we applied for our Texas licenses.. We had to show a utility bill with our name on it... Since it was in our son's  name, he had to be with us to get the license... Gringo Hombre is correct in the fact that Mexican cars are less expensive here and you do not have the hassle of bringing a US vehicle into the country... An option is to come in on a Temporal visa and you can bring in a US plated car...

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