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  1. Carlos can tap into your computer... He did some electrical work for me last week... Excellent service!
  2. Double ditto on Haro... in Riberas...
  3. Scooters are available at Wally World but I have heard that the quality may not be what one expects...
  4. 50 to 60 pesos and hour is the norm...
  5. On using Texas for a residence... We used our son's address when we applied for our Texas licenses.. We had to show a utility bill with our name on it... Since it was in our son's name, he had to be with us to get the license... Gringo Hombre is correct in the fact that Mexican cars are less expensive here and you do not have the hassle of bringing a US vehicle into the country... An option is to come in on a Temporal visa and you can bring in a US plated car...
  6. My wife was able to try on bras at Wally World... She did note that the assistant was reading a book...(shocking!)...
  7. The Veterans' Outreach program at LCS ended 1 June. Parties requiring Legion assistance should visit Post 7 in Chapala..
  8. Jackie provides great service... One of the "go to" guys here at Lakeside...
  9. Being a bit snarky today Computer Guy?
  10. It might be more economical to fly to the closing than have the consulate notarize...
  11. Suggest you spend a couple of bucks and get an attorney... Spencer's fees are reasonable and you can sleep at night... The attorney is an additional check to ensure that all involved do what is correct...
  12. Any QUALIFIED electrician can do this... However...my kitchen three speed before repair is now a two speed... Depth of knowledge is sadly lacking hereabouts...
  13. Report from the water people is that the repair will be done by late tomorrow... I'm Not placing a bet on that...
  14. Every Sat and Sun we lose TelMex internet until around 9 or 10am... It is like someone is waiting until after their coffee to throw the switch...
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