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  1. Used twice: Ideal for tile floors and can be used also on wood... Highly rated... Model number is 2544A. Reviews on the web and videos at Bissell .com Selling at $200 USD... Call Roger at 333 173 6605
  2. The beauty of this forum is that one elisits comments from those who know and those that think they know... Their posting clearly place them in one camp or the other... Just an observation...
  3. Brasso does work but it takes a lot of rubbing and polishing and is messy...If you don't wear gloves your fingernails will be black for a week...
  4. Capital One 360 Visa works with both Amazon US and MX. No foreign transaction fee...
  5. We have a number of antique copper pieces we have pickup around the world... They all need cleaning... Does anyone know of a quick and EASY WAY to clean badly tarnished copper? I have looked on line and tried most of the suggestions... I would rather send them out for cleaning if there is such a service...
  6. We left in 2019 for health reasons... We moved to Texas which after living here for four years was an abrupt adjustment. We were closer to family (15 minutes) but they have very active lives and we only saw them for birthdays etc... So we decided to bite the bullet and moved back... We are happier here and life is good... I think I would stay but my child bride might wish to return... We will have to see when the time comes... That will certainly come after I have plowed money into changes in the house.
  7. Handy mail charges more for letters going to the US... However the difference in prices for a box is something else. We just returned to Ajijic and stopped at Imail and asked the cost of a box $425 a year... We had used Handy Mail for four years previously and they only want $265 USD a year... That was a no brainer... If we need to send a letter which is infrequent we use Imail...Handy mail accepts packages and notifies patrons via email when mail arrives...
  8. I have free moving boxes if you need... 333-173 6605
  9. We just arrived and do not have space for our Lazy Boy dining room set. The set is in excellent condition with little to no scuffs. Actually used only three times in two years. Chairs have leather seats. Table has on board expansion leaf. Asking $500 USD. 333 173 6605
  10. We need a railing approximately 10 meters long for our patio... Would appreciate recommendations on quality of work and install. Thanks in advance...
  11. Blankets are all sold! Thanks to all!
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