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  1. Vonage will ship a new box free of charge to whichever address you have on record. Then you have to have it shipped from that address to Mexico. They did that for me when my box died.
  2. Put the seeds in a fine muslin cloth. Keep twisting to extract the juice. It will be clear. This is how I did it growing up many decades ago. Now, with so many new fangled kitchen gadgets, there may be a juice extractor that you could use.
  3. What was your ping, upload and download speeds before the new model?
  4. The OP is not saying he wants to import the U.S. or any other country's way of life to Mexico. He is asking what law is applicable here. What is wrong with that? What are you so angry about that you are responding in this manner?
  5. Durians are an acquired taste. If only we could get them here in Ajijic.
  6. Has anyone had any experience with the Roku Streaming Stick - 3600R, or any other ROKU products? What about problems with buffering? I want to subscribe to USTVNOW so that not only can I get the normal channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX but also CNBC and other premium channels. I'm about to give up DISH USA as it's more trouble than it's worth. I am constantly losing channels which is totally frustrating as I am paying $83.00+ a month. I subscribe to Amazon Prime using the Amazon Fire TV Box but it does not support USTVNOW. I would really appreciate if anyone would share
  7. This may be a good solution but can this product be purchased in Ajijic or Mexico? Do you have any experience/success in using this product?
  8. I use it when making Indian curries. If the fresh is not available, I use the powdered form, which is available at Superlake in the dry spice section.
  9. I don't know what it's called in Spanish. I recognize the product. It looks like ginger root but is orange in color.
  10. Walmart has it from time to time. It had some yesterday in the refrigerated area where they keep their fresh vegetables.
  11. This is the latest information: Mexico The office below that is nearest to you: Federal Benefits Unit American Consulate General Paseo de la Victoria 3650 32534 Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico Phone: 01-800-772-6394 (within Mexico only) Fax: 1-656-227-3501 Email:FBU.Ciudad.Juarez@ssa.gov
  12. I bought two bags of Basmati Rice at Costco in Guadalajara - the one that you get through Joco. I was there last Sunday and the rice was in stock.
  13. How did you know he was an American? Did he have the U.S. flag tattooed on his forehead or something?
  14. Thank you. I'll try it the next time I make yogurt.
  15. I've had success making home made yogurt using Schmitty's yogurt purchased at Superlake as a starter. The difference in taste and texture makes the effort worth it. Thank you all of you who helped.
  16. I've been trying to get a hold of Oscar at 765-2366 to get his address and shop hours, to no avail. Does anyone have an alternative telephone number or a cell phone number for him?
  17. There is a lab. a couple of doors west of Maskaras Clinic.
  18. Thank you so much conejorapido. Where can I buy "Schmittys" yogurt? Home made yogurt tastes very different from the store bought stuff.
  19. I did not make the mistake of having the milk too warm when I added the yogurt culture. Obviously, the store bought yogurt did not have "live" culture, thus could not act as a starter. I have made paneer for my spinach-paneer saag. Thank you for the article.
  20. I've tried making yogurt using the store bought natural yogurts but it doesn't work. I want to avoid gelatins which is why I need to make my own.
  21. Does anyone know where, in Ajijic, I can get live yogurt culture to use as a starter for home made yogurt?
  22. Thank you so much for a quick response. I feel much better about ordering a Samsung 55" or 60" from them since they deliver to my doorstep.
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