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  1. I have not seen this item for sale locally. Do a search on Amazon.com and read the reviews. Likely you will need to purchase it NOB.
  2. I must have read the same article. First avocados, now mangoes. The price of avocados has tripled. The price of mangoes will follow suit.
  3. Dr. Gonzalez at the Maskaras Clinic. He comes to Ajijic on Fridays. He operated on my shoulder.
  4. You add keywords for Search Engine Optimization in the Meta Tags of your site. I have included a google search page that has tutorials on how to do this: inserting meta tags in dreamweaver Good Luck
  5. Julie, do you have a telephone no. for him? I need work done on an iron door. Thanks.
  6. So there are no traffic jams North of the Border during major holidays? Ummm!
  7. Yes. But I can shop without being concerned that I have enough cash.
  8. I use my U.S. credit card to place orders on Amazon.com.mx and have not had any issues. I have not ordered anything online from the Costco in Mexico but again, use my U.S. credit card for instore shopping. I have not ordered from Mercado Libre.
  9. Which pharmacy do you buy your strips from and what term do you use, in Spanish, to ask for them?
  10. I have been cursed with the painful affliction of gout. Dr. Karen Gonzalez gave me an injection for immediate relief and prescribed 300 mg. per day of Zyloprim (allopurinol) for 30 days. The acid level was then retested at which point she lowered the dosage to 100 mg. I will have the acid level retested at the end of another 30 days. A general practitioner should be able to treat gout unless there are other complications. The important factor is treatment not only will medication but also change of lifestyle and diet.
  11. No need to be nasty. If you don't like what people are saying on this Board, you don't need to participate. Perhaps you are the one who should "stop your bitching" and "go back to where ever you came from."
  12. I don't know what iShop's general PMB no. is. You will have to ask them directly.
  13. The PMB No. is 071-XXX. The XXX will be your personal mail box no. assigned to you. 2163 Lima Loop is correct. The correct zip code is 78045.
  14. Has anyone experienced care with Dr. Ignacio Garcia, rheumatologist at Quality Care? i would appreciate opinions, please. Also, are there any other rheumatologist in the area?
  15. What is the restaurant's policy regarding pets?
  16. FlyFree


    I have to agree 100% with Travis. Both the croissants and pastries from the French pastry shop are addictive.
  17. Also, can you find out if he accepts credit card payments. Thanks.
  18. As I read this thread, I receive a call from one the Hernandez brothers that they could not show up for an appointment that was made last week because "my truck is not working". This is for work that has already been paid for and needs some fine tuning.
  19. I have been using these brothers over many years but lately their attention to detail has been waning. They are overextended with the number of jobs they take on. Their workmen are on the job without the jefe ensuring proper completion. While the workmen are extremely hard working, they are in a rush to get to another job.
  20. We're talking about hourly rates for maids in Mexico not in the U.S. or Canada. In the U.S. I paid my maid US $20.00 per hour. At the present exchange rate that would make it about 380 pesos per hour. if 50 pesos per hour is the going rate, then that is what we're expected to pay. I pay my maid for 5 hours. She gets 50 x 5 = 250 pesos plus bus fare. She, very seldom works the full 5 hours and mostly leaves after working for 4 hours. I see no reason to increase her hourly rate as she's effectively getting 60 pesos per hour.
  21. FlyFree

    Best Soups?

    I know you're looking for ready made soups but this is a close second. I keep some cans of Campbell's brand Poblano and Asparagus soups in my pantry. In my freezer, I have a bag of strips of Poblano chillies and some corn. If I want soup, I open up a can of Poblano soup and add some chillies and corn. If I find good fresh asparagus, I cook up small one inch pieces in a little water for a minute or so before adding the asparagus soup. Wallah! No need to even go out my front door.
  22. Vonage will ship a new box free of charge to whichever address you have on record. Then you have to have it shipped from that address to Mexico. They did that for me when my box died.
  23. Put the seeds in a fine muslin cloth. Keep twisting to extract the juice. It will be clear. This is how I did it growing up many decades ago. Now, with so many new fangled kitchen gadgets, there may be a juice extractor that you could use.
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