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  1. Jualberto Real is my go to person. Cell: 331 026 5450
  2. Thanks to everyone who responded with information. I went to Francisco who is a couple of doors East of Junior's. Excellent service and very responsive to my need for an oxygen sensor for my Volkswagen Tiguan.
  3. My husband and I had a Mexican will drawn up and owned the property jointly (NOT tenants in common.) I (the survivor) got total ownership upon his death. I still had to transfer the ownership of his share (50%) to my name and pay for it.
  4. My husband and I owned the house jointly. In the event that we both passed together, the house was to go to his son. When he (my husband) died, I had his share of the property transferred to my name. A local lawyer arranged the transfer. The cost will depend on the value of the property.
  5. When will the property tax office be open for payments? Also, have taxes gone up and by how much?
  6. Since posting on this forum, I've heard from friends who've had negative experiences at Frat. I am unable to get a quote from Aaron at Escalera. Car City tried to charge me $11,000 pesos to change 4 Michelin tires. I went to the tire shop on the Libramiento and had the same tires replaced for a little over $6,000 pesos, so I am reluctant to use them. So, I'm still stuck in place of where else to go for repairs. I would appreciate any further suggestions.
  7. I've been to Escalera and asked Aaron for a quote. I've called and returned to his shop a number of times but still unable to get a quote. I don't get it. It's been a few months now.
  8. Could you please tell me where you went. I need to get a part replaced. I am a newbie driver with little experience of car maintenance.
  9. Has anyone used FRAT's in Chapala? I would appreciate comments as I am thinking of using them for my car's maintenance.
  10. Where are they available for sale?
  11. Superlake, on Saturday mid-day, normally has fresh produce well stocked. Yesterday, there were no bags of Romaine lettuce, celery, etc. The pepino's were old and soggy. The refrigerator, as you walk in, was more as less empty. No fresh berries, nada. No one was stocking shelves. Most unusual.
  12. In Villa Nova: Internet works but telephone is dead.
  13. Why not have bidets installed and use those (like the Europeans)? That will eliminate the problem of toilet paper jams and the necessity to discuss this issue at such length.
  14. They fixed my Whirlpool dishwasher that needed a new panel.
  15. Google maps shows you turn left on Zaragoza from Degollado to get to 375. So where on Degollado did you turn right to get to 375 Zaragoza? FlyFree you are correct I have corrected Johanson's post to show left Mod5
  16. I looked at Google maps and saw that if you went East on Degollado from Madero, one would have to turn left on Zaragoza to get to 375. I need to ensure that my directions are correct as I need to have my emissions test done this month. Also, if Flávio Romero is all torn up, how do you get out of the emission test center, as Degollado is a one way street. UPDATED LEFT above by Mod5 Also Flavio Romero is not torn up Mod5
  17. FlyFree

    Indian Food

    I finally got around to eating at the Indian food stall in the mall on the libramiento. I had the 99 peso two curries with basmati rice and naan. The butter chicken is good for someone who wants mild Indian without the heat. The pork curry is good for someone who wants a spicier, hotter taste. A good variety of curries is available: enough to satisfy both vegetarian and meat eaters. The basmati rice was perfectly cooked. For drinks, they have chai and lassi. For the 69 peso platter, you get one curry. The 129 peso platter includes three curries. They're open seven days a week, from
  18. I bought one at a jewelry store on Colon but found it to be ineffective. I purchased a small bottle of silver polish at Superlake. It has worked brilliantly using a very soft, pure cotton cloth.
  19. What happened? I was there today at 10:25 a.m. and waited till 10:40 a.m. but no pies showed up.
  20. I for one am glad Uber is finally available in our neck of the woods. I've used Uber In Merida and Mexico City and was very satisfied with their service. Last Friday, I took a yellow taxi from my home in Villa Nova to Tio Domingo, about a block beyond the Brew House. The driver tried to charge me 200 pesos. I told him I'd give him 100 pesos and not a centavo more. I told him the normal price was at most 50 pesos. On a good day I could have walked there.
  21. For breakfast this morning, I had the chilaquiles rojo with fried eggs, sunny side up. Delicious! Also enjoyed the freshly squeezed orange juice. Simple food, well executed.
  22. FlyFree

    Wine bar?

    Are you going to keep the location of this restaurant a secret?
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