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  1. Have they started collecting property taxes yet?
  2. I certainly hope you're not using fossil fuel to heat your home or cook your food. Some cultures use cow dung for both. Let us know how that goes when you stop using fossil fuel.
  3. Why don't you post a link to the site so someone who may have an interest can see if maintenance or creation of a new site is within their pay grade. And yes, also what program was used to create the site.
  4. May I ask, what is the point?
  5. Recently, I bought 6 bottles of wine at Walmart. I was overcharged 20 pesos for each bottle, which was a total of 120 pesos. I waited for them to correct the price. Is 120 pesos a fortune? No! But neither is it small potatoes.
  6. Convenient parking. They are many fruit and vegetable stores on the carretera selling wonderful produce, but parking is such an issue, it's not worth the bother.
  7. I used to maintain an account with Actinver but found their service fees punitive. Also, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service requires you to include, in your tax filings, foreign bank accounts with balances over U.S. $10,000. Rather than paying my accountant an extra fee to include this step, I closed down my account. I do not pay any fees to maintain my U.S. bank account, and they reimburse any ATM fees incurred when withdrawing cash, domestically or in foreign countries.
  8. Where on the HSBC ATM screen is the decline button located?
  9. What exchange rate are they giving? In addition to the 17 peso fee, are they charging a surcharge like HSBC?
  10. FlyFree

    Great Burgers

    What does this have to do with the quality and price of a hamburger being served in a restaurant? It's a good thing you've helped your housekeeper improve the quality of her life, but it still has nothing to do with the topic being discussed here. If you wish to discuss philanthropy, start another post, and see who can outdo whom.
  11. Is Ishmat's fried chicken and burger joint open yet?
  12. Please, speak for yourselves. I have lots of common sense, and developed patience of Job.
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