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  1. I ordered a gas water heater from the Home Depot site. It was delivered within a couple of days. Mind you, the young man who delivered was clueless about my location. However, we figured it out, finally.
  2. Can the CFE bill be paid online using a US credit card?
  3. How is this related to whether Banks and ATM's are open for business here is Ajijic? Stay on point, please.
  4. I thought the self-quarantine period required by the Governor of Jalisco was for 5 days starting Friday, March 20, and ending today Tuesday, March 24: http://www.banderasnews.com/2003/jalisco-5-day-voluntary-quarantine.htm I would have assumed that starting tomorrow, Wednesday March 25, the period of self-quarantine would be over, and maids, gardeners, etc. would re-start their normal schedule. Exercising an abundance of caution, I would maintain a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between the employee and me.
  5. When will the U.S. Consul be next visiting LCS for passport renewals. Also, I need to find out how to arrange for payment, and the amount. Thanks.
  6. He works alone so if you have a wall mounted TV, you need to have someone available to help him take it off, and put it back on. He said 99% of the time, most people have small TV's which are on stands, and do not require a second person to assist him.
  7. Or a glass of red wine.
  8. Thank's everyone for your help. Roberto picked up my television at 11:00 a.m. I called at 8:00 a.m. and was pleasantly surprised when he answered his telephone.
  9. My Samsung television has sound but no picture. Does anyone know of a tv repair person who makes house calls? It is a 55" tv that is wall mounted, so taking it in to a repair shop is not an option for me. Thanks.
  10. This type of service will do well in an area where people are short on time, but want to prepare home cooked meals. This is an area where you are trying to appeal to retired folks. Your profit margin will depend on buying in bulk, and delivering pre-cleaned, pre-measured food, with all the ingredients (and directions) necessary to make the complete meal. Yes, you may get some interest from the occasional person who wants to cook an exotic meal without having to buy all the accoutrements. But is this going to lead to an ongoing subscription model necessary to run a successful business?
  11. Hey happyjillin, to each his own. You don't need to patronize the business where this is being shown. YOU should just stay home and chill out.
  12. Have they started collecting property taxes yet?
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