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  1. I have a Canadian gas fireplace insert. Can anyone recommend a technician?
  2. I guess mathematical illiteracy is common through out North America. I had a client who made a healthy, albeit illegal, living out of flim flamming cashiers across Canada because few of them could do even the most basic maths!😂
  3. An excellent recommendation. He drove us to the airport: arrived 10 minutes early, nice clean car, excellent English and safe driving. Add him to your list of people to hire, he's good and reliable.
  4. Thanks for the info. Booked him. Will give an up-date!
  5. Not too fussy about that. It will be under cover on the porch.
  6. Can nay ne recommend an excellent, reliable manager?
  7. Does anyone know where they can be brought locally?
  8. The food is authentic. It's not "hot" to me but that does not mean that some people find Tau food hot.
  9. Be careful about the table condiments. You are warned they are hot and the are. The menu dishes not so.
  10. We thought that we'd give this restaurant a try even though ethnic cuisine is often not very good outside it's country of origin. What a wonderful surprise! Excellent, authentic food which was freshly prepared and pleasantly presented. This is not a pretentious place. The atmosphere is friendly and cozy. Service is prompt and friendly. The food is the focus. As it should be! The menu has plenty of choices to make your selection from. Wine is a limited choice, but mixed drinks are good. Try the mojito - I did and it was amazing!
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