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  1. Get a life! What's the point in such mindless comparisons?
  2. If anyone sees Spencer can you ask him to contact me. His contact page won't accept that I am not a robot! Geraldine Castle-Trudel, castlet@sympatico.cal
  3. Thanks both of you!😊
  4. Does anyone have Spencer's email address?
  5. Have you had too much fun in the sun, or is there some other reason why differences of opinion cannot be expressed here without the exchanges degenerating into petty, personal attacks. Please spare the rest of us and conduct such exchanges prIvately.
  6. I take it that the "we" in this context is the royal plural!
  7. Good to see people objecting to unwarranted, insulting and demeaning comments which some cyber bullies enjoy making. Scroll on by is not the solution to this problem. Public rejection of the rudeness is!
  8. Yes and the answer is no they cannot trace him since it was an on-site pick-up and not a dispatch.
  9. The cab was one of a number of them from the Guadalajara's cab company waiting for the train to come in which is why we had no concerns using it.
  10. After going on the Tequila Express we took a cab home. Here's what happened: there were four of us so three had to go in the back. The driver "kindly" offered to put our friend'; bag in the trunk. He drove a short distance then said he needed to stop for gas and that his car ran on natural gas. He pulled into a gas station where there were several other cabs (I have no idea where it was). He told us we had to get out for safety reasons while the car was being filled up and directed us to a nearby set of tables and chairs. He drove out of sight and our view of the pumps was blocked by a tent and TV. As our friend was not paying for the cab, none of us realized until the next day that her wallet had been stolen. Within the hour of us being dropped off the card was used. One large transaction went through before the Canadian bank became suspicious and stopped further transactions.A cautionary tale! In more than 20 years this is the first time anything dishonest has happened to me in Mexico but the driver is obviously practiced at this so be warned. Prevention: don't put anything unlocked in the trunk and/or record the cab licence.
  11. From here to Guzman nothing on Monday after that no problems at all. No line ups and no limits on amount.
  12. I guess it was inevitable that sooner or later thieves would start siphoning off gas from private cars as the gas supply problems continue. I lost a quarter of a tank in a car parked at my La Villita home and had an attempt (the tank flap was pried open) when parked outside LCS on Sunday.
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