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  1. Is there any topic that you people will not bicker about!😠
  2. Another graduate from the Underarm School of Charm!😠
  3. Excuse me! No need to be so authoritarian!😕
  4. Good work. Goes to show there are still great people in this world.!😍
  5. Stop the juvenile bickering you are making fools of yourselves.
  6. No it's not. It is pathetic sniping by rude, simple minded people.
  7. Beware the "water solution"! The reaction to a supply reduction seems to be "pirate" your neighbour's water.
  8. Victor at Hacienda Property Management manages our Ajijic house My standards are very high and I am delighted with their management and have been for the last 10 years.
  9. Don't give up the day job!
  10. Surely we should all strive to be polite and respectful!😌
  11. No kidding! Even the U.S. is not without its differences. Think California, Texas, New York!😌
  12. You are not getting ripped off. In a free market economy prices will reflect what the market will bear. Simple as that! The higher the ability to pay the greater the probability of higher prices. Ajijic reflects that simple reality. It's not what you call "gringo prices" it's market forces.
  13. Maybe Ojo needs to ask permission before publishing g!😁
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