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  1. What is wrong with you guys and the constant sniping at people?😠
  2. Talk about being anal!😂
  3. Is this service legal in Mexico?
  4. Isn't that what they called it?
  5. My what a vivid imagination you have!😍
  6. If you hire a maestro painter they colour match by hand and you are able to see it done so that you can lighten or darken as well. A wonderful way to support local skilled trades people and keep handcrafted skills alive.
  7. Administrators, why is this nonsense being allowed?
  8. Why are you so insulting?
  9. So rude. Is it really necessary?
  10. I have a Canadian gas fireplace insert. Can anyone recommend a technician?
  11. I guess mathematical illiteracy is common through out North America. I had a client who made a healthy, albeit illegal, living out of flim flamming cashiers across Canada because few of them could do even the most basic maths!😂
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