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  1. I have been trying to get in touch with Memo the vet in Ajijic and can never get him on the phone and it seems I am always at his clinic at the wrong time. What are his hours please?
  2. What time do they open? Checked online and could not find that info anywhere. Thanks.
  3. I have been looking for the name and tel # of the pizza place above Pancho's, anyone know it? Found it. Thanks
  4. Posted with pics at: https://www.facebook.com/GobiernoDeChapala/posts/2798664070373208
  5. This is addressed to the web boards very own fact checker and enforcer. I am so happy you have taken the time out of your so very busy life to correct those posts which you deem to have been posted by illiterates. However in your comment you allude to things which I never posted or implied. It is time for you to correct your attitude and belief that you exist to rudely chastise and correct all those you deem to post incorrectly on these life and death matters.
  6. Sorry, I tried the search engine but was unsuccessful. I would like to know how much I need to pay the gardener who comes twice a week. Thanks.
  7. Problem with this report is it happened in San Antonio Tlayacapan's strip mall on the libramiento. It appears he came out of Charlotte's. Check Semanaria Laguna for info and picture.
  8. Cousin should be dealing with the medical profession and not trying to get meds from another country. There may be a reason the Doctors are not giving her this med.
  9. What a shame if this is true. The infrastructure here cannot deal with the influx of people on the weekends now, it will like Semana Santa every day if this is true. It takes more than 15 minutes to drive maybe 2 - 3 Kilometers in Ajijic now, what will it be with all those additional cars? I stay away from Ajijic during the weekends now and it will probably result in my staying out of there the rest of the week. No great loss I guess, but will also no longer travel west of the libramiento. Sad, the poor locals will be driven out as well.
  10. Anyone know where they are sold? Have checked Farmacia Guad and Walmart.
  11. The Governor of Jalisco: This is a very important day. Today we present the next stage of the Jalisco #COVID1 9 Plan, in which #RadarJalisco, with the help of the Universidad de Guadalajara , will become the logistic platform for the application of the vaccine as soon as it becomes available in our state. The challenge facing us is titanic and we need to have everything ready to store millions of doses with the necessary cooling conditions, distribute them and apply three times more vaccines than has ever been done in Mexico and Jalisco. Just as at the beginning of the pandemic we were the first in Mexico to take isolation measures, distance classes, an epidemiological surveillance model, a plan for hospital conversion and economic reactivation, now we will be in this big step. Along the way we have proven that health is the most important thing. We assume the political costs of doing the right thing, always with science ahead, and today we are the third state with the lowest rate of accumulated infections and the fifth with the lowest mortality rate in the country. You're starting to see the end of the road, but we're missing weeks of resistance and we can't let our guard down. We need to maintain our hospital capacity and enforcement protocols to reduce risks, detect the virus with tests and prevent infections and deaths.
  12. According to what was published in the Guadalajara Reporter, Mexico has contracted to get the Russian vaccine. Take it if you will, I wouldn't have anything to do with one which has not been approved by the FDA. Even then I will wait to see how the first "Guinea Pigs" make out with it.
  13. Hahaha, most of what I own is old, pre China items! It is also pre Japanese, although I did buy some from Japan in the 60's. I am down sizing and do not buy much at all, I am not the one the advertisers are aiming at. LOL
  14. There is much in the food from China which is not good for us, plastic rice in with the natural rice for instance. Many incidents of dog treats from China which have killed the dogs. Much of what is from China is low quality as well. So it still boils down to buyer beware.
  15. The N95 are only available to the Medical profession. It has nothing to do with country of manufacture. The Chinese have manufactured substandard KN95 masks but are not the only ones who make them. Lesson here is do not buy Chinese and that goes for anything.
  16. "Travelers infected while outside US may be denied reentry" It doesn't say travelers infected while in Mexico, it says, "while outside US". Canadians wishing to drive down cannot enter US and therefore won't be able to visit Mexico.
  17. Posting for a friend, she would like to buy pumpkin pie and doesn't know who is selling them. Anyone know where she can go?
  18. The stores here such as Walmart and Soriana never pay the baggers, they exist on tips only. I don't know if it is culture or tradition or what but that is the way it is in this country.
  19. I thought it said restaurants closed but could still deliver. Probably can get take out at the food court just can't eat there.
  20. A friend told me today that she is looking for Gas-x and has not been able to find it here. Has anyone seen it here anywhere? TIA
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