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  1. So Anita's is going from a no-kill shelter to only those animals which are highly adoptable will live? Anita dedicated her whole being to saving the dogs and cats no matter what their condition only to have it end like this. Such a shame. All this drama re no $$ for the animals, yet it was my understanding that, at least 2 weeks ago, there was enough food to last at least six weeks. There is also a bank account with $$, so things are not as dire as presented. I question what Anita will find on her property and at her house upon her return. As she traveled to Germany for a hip replacement, it will probably be some months before she is back. She could also decide to stay over there, if that is her decision, she will be sorely missed by many as she is already.
  2. Been waiting since November, all that is needed is fingerprinting for the last three months.
  3. My brake pedal suddenly went very low this morning without any warning. I will check the fluid but am thinking I may need a brake job. My other car's brakes made a terrible squealing noise when the brakes needed replacement, this did not. Please, if anyone has a recommendation for a good shop that does this work, please post. Thanks much.
  4. It was stated they cannot pay 100/day, so definitely cannot use this trainer.
  5. The dog park closed as it was losing money. I believe it costs more to have someone walk the dogs each day than to go to the park, but nobody wants to pay to go and sit in the park. Another problem is there were a series of thefts which resulted in the inability to water the grounds. In addition, her well was polluted, so having the horses there was a problem and, I understand the landlord raised the rent by 25%. I thought it was against the law to raise it more than 10%? At any rate, it is closed at the moment, who knows if she will be able to overcome all these problems.
  6. I have been waiting 7 months now, was told a month and a half or two months ago that all was needed was fingerprints.
  7. I prefer salted butter and am always on the search for it. Just started using Lurpak last year and was content with it. So now the search continues. Thanks for all the information given, will check at Walmart. I did look at SuperLake for that Kansas butter, the price tag says $ 209 or $ 216?! Too pricey for me. BTW, I also looked at the Lala but they only had unsalted.
  8. and wondering why the Lurpak butter has disappeared from store refrigerators. Anyone know?
  9. I also have had things shipped directly to my house, they have been using DHL lately. I am very happy with this service, everything has arrived timely, some earlier than stated, and all in good order. One must sign for the delivery, no problem. Again, I have been very happy with them.
  10. It is very possible you have dognapped someone's pet, Mexicans allow their dogs to run free. They let them out in the AM and bring them in in the PM. She is in good shape and apparently has a collar, you should bring her back where you found her, she is not a street dog.
  11. Did you report it as instructed in an earlier post? Posting it here does not accomplish anything.
  12. I too used soloauto and have been very happy with the car I bought. It took me over 3 months to find it, but I was in no hurry.
  13. I don't think you need hep with this, it is so easy I did it! Just make sure you have all the required paperwork and go to Plaza los torres. The office is upstairs and they are very helpful. Doesn't take very long.
  14. Not any county, only one is doing this, not quite legal.
  15. My neighbor would like to know if the person on the US cell gets charged for the call as used to be the case years ago.
  16. It is my belief one has to have a sim card from the country they are in, at least I always had to change to the US one when in the states. With this plan it may not matter?
  17. Am I right in thinking only Jalisco plated vehicles need to do this? Friend has a DF plated car.
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