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  1. Apparently he is a brown dachshund, they all look the same. If you check Google you will see what they look like.
  2. luvsdawgs


    I dined at Tony's the other evening. I didn't finish half of the meat and did eat half of the baked potato and veggies. I asked to take the remainder home, thinking it would make a nice lunch or dinner the next day. I was quite surprised when I opened it at home., all that was there was the meat! This is a first for me, I guess they threw the rest in the garbage. So, instead of just nuking a meal, I now have to cook some potatoes and vegetables. This was such a waste of good food. Has anyone had a similar experience with another restaurant?
  3. I would worry about Identity theft if I had all that info available to anyone on a thumb drive.
  4. Who is the best professional to see about this Lakeside? This is for a gas grill, believe it is a simple repair, just a new part.
  5. We had termites in the family home up north, poison was pumped into the ground both inside and outside the house. I recently had termites here and the same was done. No spraying, no tenting of the house for a very successful extermination. Landlord used Renee here. Clean neat and efficient.
  6. Who is the best professional to see about this Lakeside?
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  8. Is it possible to buy this Lakeside?
  9. Ignore the ignorant and rude posters who have trouble reading the simplest sentence. You are doing a fantastic service, both to the mother, the pups and the community. If there were more people like you and fewer such as the pompous and arrogant Mark Webles the world would be a much, much better place. Thank you for all you are doing. w
  10. Will be needing photos for new visa and to renew US Passport in near future. Where should I go for the best and most reasonable business?
  11. I too used soloauto and have been very happy with the car I bought. It took me over 3 months to find it, but I was in no hurry.
  12. I don't think you need hep with this, it is so easy I did it! Just make sure you have all the required paperwork and go to Plaza los torres. The office is upstairs and they are very helpful. Doesn't take very long.
  13. Not any county, only one is doing this, not quite legal.
  14. My neighbor would like to know if the person on the US cell gets charged for the call as used to be the case years ago.
  15. It is my belief one has to have a sim card from the country they are in, at least I always had to change to the US one when in the states. With this plan it may not matter?
  16. Am I right in thinking only Jalisco plated vehicles need to do this? Friend has a DF plated car.
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