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  1. Rosa is not out of business, she was here this AM to fumigate my house. She will be back in a few weeks to do the garden. (My dogs were out there today).
  2. The Tuesday market is not organic either, they are now the Farmer's Market. There are organic items available as there are at the Monday market.
  3. It is very possible you have dognapped someone's pet, Mexicans allow their dogs to run free. They let them out in the AM and bring them in in the PM. She is in good shape and apparently has a collar, you should bring her back where you found her, she is not a street dog.
  4. luvsdawgs


    Sad to say, they have gone a bit downhill lately and they are not as good as they were.
  5. Anyone know where they are sold down here? Thanks
  6. luvsdawgs

    Deli 8

    Anyone know what time they open? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know their hours? Thanks, need to go for registration renewal.
  8. I had a south dakota plate and had no problem getting insurance here. was never asked about whether registration was current or not.
  9. Did you report it as instructed in an earlier post? Posting it here does not accomplish anything.
  10. I too used soloauto and have been very happy with the car I bought. It took me over 3 months to find it, but I was in no hurry.
  11. I don't think you need hep with this, it is so easy I did it! Just make sure you have all the required paperwork and go to Plaza los torres. The office is upstairs and they are very helpful. Doesn't take very long.
  12. Not any county, only one is doing this, not quite legal.
  13. My neighbor would like to know if the person on the US cell gets charged for the call as used to be the case years ago.
  14. It is my belief one has to have a sim card from the country they are in, at least I always had to change to the US one when in the states. With this plan it may not matter?
  15. Am I right in thinking only Jalisco plated vehicles need to do this? Friend has a DF plated car.
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