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  1. Dra Martha does charge less when at LCS, it is a community service. The cap there is $ 500.00, so that is less expensive if you have many spots. She treated me for squamous cell cancer on my face, did dig deep but got everything out. I go for a check up every so often, usually at LCS. I had the beginnings of something again and she put something on it. After two weeks a scab fell off and that was that. I didn't think she was expensive. Check her out, I am sure you will like her.
  2. The way I understand it in La Floresta, the land behind the walls are yours, in front belongs to the fracc even though the upkeep is yours. This is why one often sees families picnicking on the front lawns, they can as it is common property.
  3. You were of no help, you did not answer her question, she was asking about the need for an electrologist in this area. She did not ask about any of the items you mentioned.
  4. Hurricane season lasts from June to November, but usually there are only about three months to worry about. This is nothing new and has nothing to do with global warming.
  5. Not safe for dogs according to an internet search, can kill them.
  6. Give them carrots, very good for teeth and gums. Talk to your local butcher and ask when they usually have bones. I know you can get them at El Torito also.
  7. Just a reminder, this is not only being done in this area, it is state wide.
  8. I guess this is a no win situation for Jalisco, damned if they do, damned if they don't. I think it is obvious who the target group is and it is not us, but the tapatios. They are the same ones everyone is complaining about and yet, when something is being done, complain about that also. Bunch of wash women.
  9. That translation is from the browser not the website.
  10. Isn't that sidewalk private property? The lateral is government owned, not the parking lot in front of those stores.
  11. If you look at the floor plans for the apartments, they all have an option of two or three bedrooms. They all have terraces also, expect on the south-side, so do have a view.. I do not believe we are the target customers as the website is in Spanish without an English option.
  12. A bike lane will help a few to the detriment of many. Ajijic is the bottleneck of the north side, period. So spend a bunch of money so a few bikers can ride through without improving traffic at all. What a waste of $$, use it somewhere it can make a difference in people's lives.
  13. Three stories high, 23 three bedroom apartments, and a condo hotel and 24 business units with 77 parking spaces in addition the those for the apartments and hotel, All on a 2 lane highway with traffic jams every day currently. This is during the low season, God only knows what it will be like when open during the high season. Yeah, there was not much study beforehand of the impact on the infrastructure of San Antonio at all, the sewer system, the water situation, the streets. Wonder who in town is getting all the under the table money for this? What a shame, so much greed. Wonder what will be put on the other two lots west of that site?
  14. If you reread her version of what happened, she stated she FAILED the breathalyzer test. Law broken, not innocent by her own acountl
  15. What would the benefits be to the residents of Ajijic and their neighbors? We are strangling with the traffic now, will the carretera become just a parking lot? Will all the back roads have stop and go traffic, with all the noise and pollution? I personally do not see anything good about this.
  16. I have driven part way up a few times, the view is unbelievable.
  17. Do not count them out even though they are not on the menu. She will make them for you if she has the ingredients, just ask.
  18. Good to hear it is back on track. I am not an experienced Indian food eater but enjoyed all I had so far. It was before he "dumbed" it down, luckily for me he went back to what he was doing in the first place. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" still holds true. I will be there again this week, perhaps today.
  19. That is true, there was talk some years back that the buildings on the south side would be partially removed. They are on Federal land. I do not know what became of that, I was told at the time there was a model of the plan in the municipal building. If it were done, there would be plenty of room for cars and bikes and people.
  20. They most likely live in the area and now cannot get home. Mexicans and some expats allow their dogs the freedom to wander at will during the day. The dogs return by nightfall and are let back in. I suggest you allow these two to go on their way and not keep them from going home.
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