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  1. Just an FYI on Chedraui, anytime I have been in the Zapopan store it has been immaculate and the staff very friendly. I have bought items which are higher quality than what Walmart or Sorriana has to offer. I would like it if it were closer. Oh, and the produce was very fresh. I also believe the manager makes or breaks it, as if he/she is not concerned with cleanliness, the availability of product and the freshness of the meat, produce, bakery. etc the store will have very few customers.
  2. I also have an Instant Pot, but not for eggs. This replaces the rice cooker, slow cooker pressure cooker, etc. I believe it has 7 functions.
  3. Amazon US also delivers directly to your house in Mexico.
  4. Wish they would open a store close by, https://www.chedraui.com.mx/chedrauistorefront/chedraui/es/
  5. Walmart has the salted Zurpak and you can also get salter homemade butter at the Monday, Tuesday and Friday markets.
  6. I understood one would get internet, telephone and TV, so then it would be associated with a telephone connection. Q3 What does the Triple 50 Residential service include? A3 It includes 50Mb (75Mb first year) asymmetrical internet (downstream 50 Mb - upstream 12.5Mb), 1 Chapala area phone number, and 100 TV channels.
  7. I also sent you a message, it did not say the box was full.
  8. On the back roads most of us drive at 20 mi/hr, while it has been stated the fastest the gold carts go is 15. All this about a 5 mph difference? All this drama about something none of us has any say over. It is the government who wishes to crack down, not fellow expats. Chill, people, this too will pass.
  9. I think you made a good choice. I know a few people who are there now and are very happy. Mi Casita brings some of them to church every Sunday and they have the occasional outing to a restaurant. I sometimes pick up a friend and we go to the movies, another friend picks someone up for concerts and the like. The staff at MC always has them ready to go and help them into the car as needed. I am sure your Aunt will like it there. It sounds as if she is able to walk to the plaza which is a very pleasant place to be and spend some time watching the world go by.
  10. I believe it will matter in January when there is no computer record of your test and you end up with a big fine. I think he is connected to the transico computers, could be wrong. The sticker is only one half of the problem, the man told me if you are late you will be fined in January when you go to register your car, that is why I think they are hooked up.
  11. I went today and it was quite easy to get to, the road is open. It took less than 15 minutes for the test and the new sticker. No problems at all.
  12. The golf carts driven by seniors are not as bad as the ATVs raced by 8, 10 and older children through the streets of La Floresta and San Antonio each week end. I have seen them with a little girl driving with 5 or 6 passengers. I just saw a motor scooter with what appeared to be a 10 yr old driving with 3 of his friends. Surely it is more important to stop these unlicensed unregistered and uninsured children who are a danger to themselves and anyone walking or driving, Of course then there are the "adults" who are flying over the back streets as well who are also a danger to themselves and anyone sharing the same space. Drinking does go along with all this fun. I have seen them on mud and damp lawns spinning around, leaving the mess for the residents to clean up on Monday. I am very glad I did not invest in a golf cart however as I guess they will now be useless. I do know some for whom it is the only means of transportation. I have never seen an accident involving one, so do not know how much danger is involved when they are driving on side streets. I think the person unable to park in a large space is not common, but sad.
  13. I used the info on the label as to the dosage for children. It did help them, I only gave it to those whose cough was very bad, the others made it through without any help. It was working through my bunch, some of the dogs did not come down with it, go figure.
  14. BTW, this is recommended for dogs with kennel cough also. I used the last I had on the dogs, so when I got sick there was nothing for me. Bought more today. thanks again.
  15. Thank you so much, will go tomorrow and buy. I have been using a generic medicine which is better than 44 but not as good as Robitussin. Great stuff and I do swear by it.
  16. You will be greatly missed by many. I am one of the people who used your site over the last ten years. To say I am greatly saddened by this is an understatement, it kinda like a death of a friend. So, so sad.
  17. Hmm . . they didn't have it last time I checked, actually bought Vicks 44 (UGH, gag me with a spoon), at Cristina. Maybe it is a seasonal item.
  18. Read that Yakult is mainly sugar, watch out if you are diabetic.
  19. They also have a second location at 131 Ramon Corona, just west of the Sn Antonio Plaza.
  20. Anybody know where I can buy it? I have bought it in the past, but do not remember where. Thanks
  21. Anybody know where I can buy it? I have bought it in the past, but do not remember where. Thanks
  22. Anybody know where I can buy it? I have bought it in the past, but do not remember where. Thanks
  23. Go to the office and let them know, then make sure the maintenance men know you have it. Is this in upper of lower, male or female? It probably was let out to do a walk about and now cannot get home, suggest you let it out and follow to see. Possibly owned by Mexicans who do not read this forum or facebook or it could belong to one of the very many who don't get on the computer other than to email.
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