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  1. I also had a bad experience there about a month ago, the son-in-law was quite rude. I also am never going back.
  2. If you right click you will be able to click on translate this page.
  3. Just a reminder to those who are so quick to give the dog away, most Mexicans do not read this. Care should be taken to visit the vets in the area to see if anyone knows this dog as well as putting up posters in the area in which he was found. I'd hate for this to happen to one of mine before I found out where he is.
  4. Whenever I buy from Amazon USA they ship via DSL and I am able to track it the entire way.
  5. Go on the Amazon website to your account.
  6. Handymail received a very large fine for sending too much $$ over the border not too long ago. There are new regulations which have to do with money laundering, I do not know the exact details. Hopefully Gudrun Jones or her partner at Handymail will clarify this here in the near future. I believe she is in the states currently, perhaps when she returns.
  7. There is a singles club and many of the restaurants feature bands which is also a way to meet people.
  8. I have devoted most of my life to dog rescue since I am down here and know the dogs which have been at the ranch for years. I also know of shelter refusing to accept dogs on Monday, that will not take black dogs, etc. I know what running a shelter entails, I know the hardship and the heartbreak.
  9. Does anyone know if Costco has them? Thanks.
  10. Sorry, I agree with Tomas, too many are rejected by that shelter because of many reasons, one is not cute enough to be adopted quickly. They also will not accept any dogs on a Monday, no black dogs, etc. What shelter does such a thing? Too many other things to post here.
  11. There is a place in San Antonio on the street Galez Gallo, the same street as Lety's and Mi Casita, almost directly across from Mi Casita, on the right as you go down.
  12. This is so heartbreaking, once again someone has interfered with an animal's life and put it in jeopardy. Someone is grieving over the loss of their beloved pet and the pet has been put in dire straits. Thanks to the Ranch, she is safe and hopefully Vera will find her and they can be reunited.
  13. For some reason I have yet to see a flue here, would help greatly.
  14. I had a dog go off when he put his front paws on a flower pot in order to see better and it tipped, taking him with it over the side. Fortunately he was unharmed. That did it for me and I put up a fence and will have a railing in the near future.
  15. Hi, A friend's daughter is visiting and they would like to go to the show at the Little Theater. So if you have a season ticket you will not use, my friend will pay you for the use of it for that show and then return it to you. Or if you have bought a ticket and are unable to use it, she will buy it from you. Please call @ 766-0819.Thank you very much.
  16. There is no longer an Organic Market but a Farmer's Market where some vendors sell organic products.
  17. Is one able to buy this down here and if so, where? Thank a bunch.
  18. I do not know the woman although I have seen her and her cart. A neighbor spoke with her asking about the legality and was told everything. I never said it was a Jalisco plate, I was never close enough to read it.
  19. tickets have been issued for that, apparently it is illegal. Tickets, not mordida.
  20. The thing is, this woman spent over 10,000 pesos, if I have got it right. If she is stopped again, she will need to pay out more. It is the gov't of Chapala who licensed the cart. I do not think I am tilting at windmills at all, I do know the corruption here and live with it. I refuse to pay mordida and ask for the ticket, but, I think this is over the top. On another topic, Lisa writes that there will be carretera closure during the nine days of San Andres? I am not going to buy a subscription to find out and am wondering if the "mayor" made an announcement why nobody else knows about it.
  21. OK, here is what is totally confusing, a few weeks ago, after the announcement about the crackdown on golf carts, a woman and her friend were riding in one in LF. They were stopped and the cart was impounded. She paid to get it back AND paid for a license plate, which is now on the cart. This cost her pretty heavily, but she is now driving the cart all around with impunity. I was reexamining my decision as to whether or not to buy one due to this. Now, on Monday, it was said, once again, that they are not allowed on the streets, and here is this woman who paid thousands of pesos to get the cart out of the impound lot and thousands more to get a license for nothing apparently. Definitely cannot trust authority at all and I wont be buying one.
  22. Before you buy a teacup check out this link: http://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/truth-about-teacup-dogs
  23. The mayor was at Tony's Grand Opening when the music was kept at a reasonable level. It is ironic that Tony went with his wife innumerable times to Guadalajara about the noise from the church and yet his noise is much worse.
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