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  1. They have been on vacation and will be reopening next week, not sure which day.
  2. They have added non-Mexican food, such as tempura, which is a shame. It is a good restaurant with a good chef and should stick to the original idea of providing dishes from various parts of Mexico. Many are interested in dining on new and interesting dishes such as those.
  3. Is anise extract or anise oil available lakeside?
  4. I looked at the details of one of their packages, I may have it wrong but I think in order to have Wi-Fi one has to buy another box for 700 some odd pesos. Telecable, (Izzy), is mainly a television provider whereas Ilox is basically a telephone and internet provider. Being that businesses are their main clients I would think they have better experience in providing the service. Time will tell. They had a big sign up yesterday in Ajijic.
  5. I remember buying the Mexican insurance before I got over the border.
  6. I also saw them going west on Zaragosa in Ajijic yesterday.
  7. I saw them running that cable down Ramon Corona in SAT going toward La Floresta two days ago.
  8. Someone told me they are adding a terrace on the second floor. I drove by yesterday and saw that there is work going on up there, can't tell what.
  9. luvsdawgs


    Someone said they have gone out of business, is this true> Anyone know?
  10. Sorry to hear of your problems, you made a good decision and one which was best for the two of you. Often the frail one only thinks of him/herself and not the other person. Once one is in the shape he was in it is easy to fall and break something. Best wishes for better days.
  11. Because we know of many who were not "rescued" but dognapped. All with good intentions but many people come down here and expect it to be the same as up north. There are many dogs in the shelters who had homes but were picked up off the street. Once they are behind a wall they cannot get home. That is why the advice is if the dog is not injured or sick and looks cared for, leave it be. In this instance, the person has been watching the dog and it appears it is a street dog. Most of the time, it is OK to allow them to live on the street. We just had a street dog apparently taken from our street and dumped in Chapala. This boy was in very good shape and all the neighbors were taking care of him. Now he is in a strange environment and needs to fend for himself. He was happy here and we all were happy to have him here.
  12. Probably belongs to someone, many people allow their dogs the freedom to roam the streets during the day and they come home at night. You should be looking for the dog's owners first before you start offering it up for adoption. Any dog which is fixed, clean and well behaved has a home, which he cannot get to now.
  13. I am interested in getting a Mexican credit card and would like to know which bank would be the best for this. TIA
  14. I was called on the day the occupants were given notice that they had to be out by December 1. I was told at that time the property was sold for 1.2 million and it was not known what the property will be used for.
  15. Pete, these two are still available, perhaps you would be interested in the Dachsie? Because of her living circumstances, a friend is being forced to give up her two purebred dogs for adoption. They are Clifford, a beautiful male daschund, 10 months old, and and Mitzy, a lively female mini-Schnauzer of six years. Both are housebroken, up-to-date on vaccinations, and neutered. No special diets or medications. It's preferred that they be adopted together, but if necessary they can be placed in separate homes. Sweet-tempered and loving, each would make a wonderful companion. Please PM me for details. Phone +17077343630 Text only! I don't answer calls.
  16. I was in the "dollar" or Regalo store across from the Ajijic plaza the other day. I asked the young woman there about it and she told me it is no longer being made.
  17. The parents are using their children to get what they want. The people from south of Mexico should have requested asylum in the first country they entered and not crossed an entire country to get to the USA. This sad situation is of their making, not the US's. They are being treated much better than they would in other countries. They chose to do this, they were not forced to leave their homeland. They were not forced to travel all across Mexico to another border. The majority are not fleeing a war torn country or abuse, they just want to get more things.
  18. I always say it starts around my mother's birthday, which is tomorrow. The forecast for tomorrow is rain in the afternoon and night. I always understood we need three gully washers for the rainy season to be officially started.
  19. It appears that since Pancho is gone they are no longer baking. I really liked the La Brea bread when they still had it.
  20. https://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/east-pacific/satellite
  21. I have never had a problem teaching a rescue the cat was not an enemy. Usually when a new dog comes in it ignores the cat as it has too many other things to adjust to. By the time it is feeling more at home it is used to the cat. There have been times I have had to admonish a new dog and say no when it gets overly intrigued by the cat, but have never had a chase through the house. Introduce them slowly if necessary and have the dog on a leash. It will work out.
  22. Pancho is getting frozen batter from France which he defrosts and then bakes. I am told the Croissants are better, (and cheaper), than the French bakery on Independencia. I have had one and they are delicious, next I will try some of his bread.
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