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  1. I was at Mario's this PM and service was just about non-existent . It kept dropping the calls before completion. Very frustrating but OK, it is what it is.
  2. Hi, does anyone know if Spencer's office is open Monday? If not, is it open Wednesday? What time do they open? Thanks for your help.
  3. My friend lost or had stolen her wallet with her permanente and driver's licence. She would like to travel to the states in January. What does she need to do in order to replace her visa and how long does it take? She knows what she has to do for the licence and that can wait until she returns. Any info/help will be appreciated. BTW, beware of pickpockets, especially at this time of year.
  4. What are the dates of the government Christmas closings? Someone has asked when it started and also ends. I believe they are open again on the second of January but do not know when they closed for the holidays. Is it for one week or two? Person is visiting from up north. Thanks.
  5. But what do you use for waste and dog poop, etc?
  6. Not one person has mentioned the lack of infrastructure at all. Not one is worried about how all these buildings will impact on the aquifer, water treatment, traffic, etc. There are wells on the mountain side which have stopped producing already, Riberas has water problems and I believe Chula Vista has in the past. Oh well, once everything is sucked dry we can all move on to another place we can destroy.
  7. There would have to be a government shelter, which is actually required be law. Not having the $$ to create one, the municipality has to cast a blind eye to much. If the demand by the citizens is great, they will round up each and every dog which is running free, owned or not, an eventually "sacrifice" them by electrocution or shooting. In the case of electrocution, they put all the animals in a pen, run water through it and add electricity. Not a humane way to go. Me, I can deal with the poop more than the inhumane way they treat any dogs they pick up. Oh, another way is poison, so nice.
  8. I have been going there since they opened and have never been disappointed with their food. The flies were a big problem during fly season. They did everything they could to keep them down and did move fans in order to keep them away. I have tried everyone of their sushi which have all been delicious. Their portions have always been large, their hamburger is huge and one does not have to take out a loan in order to pay for one. (Unlike Trip's which are highly overrated and over priced.) The staff is friendly and helpful and the Margaritas are good, what more can a person ask for?
  9. My friend used him to repair a broken oil pan, he did such a poor job that the engine finally seized and she needed a new engine. I agree, stay away.
  10. I ordered something from Amazon MX and was told it would arrive between October 25 and November 7, still waiting. Turns out someone changed my zip code to one in Tonala, this is the second time this has happened, the last time it went to Veracruz. Checked my order and the address is correct. Corrected the zip, still waiting. Thankfully I can do without the items for a bit.
  11. I heard Chapala has raised the cost of using the tennis courts in Christiania park. Does anyone know if any other rates/fees have been increased? Just wondering if that is how they wish to balance the budget, do not think the average Mexican can afford to play anymore.
  12. Looking for a reliable computer repair person, please let me know if you have someone to recommend, thanks.
  13. Someone told me they no longer will take singles, I have not been able to find this anywhere. Does anyone know if this is true?
  14. Just an FYI re:the lakeside property, the pool is no longer in existence, they filled it in.
  15. Just had a foster fly up to Oregon this AM, amount of dogs Lakeside is overwhelming. There are HUNDREDS of dogs just on the north side looking for homes.
  16. The fih and chips at the Brewhouse are good and they have the malt vinegar.
  17. Went there when she was not and the inexperienced persons "in charge" and claiming to be vets totally traumatized one of my dogs. They were abusive and I'll never go there again.
  18. How long is one allowed to be out of the country with a permanent visa? I have a friend who went north for medical reasons and is now able to come back.
  19. luvsdawgs


    Thank you, when I looked them up online it stated they were open today at 12. I guess they have new hours/days. Thanks again.
  20. luvsdawgs


    Tried calling to make reservation, no answer both times. It is 2 PM and they are supposed to open at noon. This is what I have experienced with them in the past, not open when supposed to be. It makes me believe David is in Spain. Cat's away . . . . .
  21. I have seen out of code product in almost every store I have ever been in regardless of country. After the suggested date it is not bad, just not as good tasting as when newer. It is up to the customer to check what they are buying, being it fresh produce or canned/boxed goods. That is where, "Buyer beware", falls in, whether it be food, clothing a car, house whatever. One always checks the tomatoes, no?
  22. Thanks all, as it is I did find it was someone I knew.😪
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