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  1. https://www.facebook.com/2384303558309163/photos/a.2384355774970608/4125304770875691/?type=3&eid=ARDXmkqPtaGeoVKCx0KoT3G-sYlHETGZJfZl4rJ6EaOqwt7c782WukOF6YRi9kmF0TWy8dThPuXhs7xb&__xts__[0]=68.ARCCyCAnJdAC1-mq6jIu6eCEdpq7JosL52SR9Xzbo5-GoUyzEiJZWJeAaY47ZWr1qc6r_0V4TOvly-Y04u6batZbDafGMc69s2vIQFp8vZIwNolVFjx9e26yLbvlXxTS11S38kWHjpUlI9tbVQiaue-NY7wrqDOtWuDK1mRJuMIH5VzKxLh6JfM7UzV3f3AExhaZcwPvWreryWoju3MPIg_P-9LF5jz1iV3p17TH3hlVtMndCGkZJYHH-XxQupGZOIKcarJgFrQRvGGJqWA4vAb8I2va7xuiUNSduzfOh1uYtxIbfuiFgqC64aDKR0_KDxqvsLUhw32Afw8UfbWi3RniGdsmOkqQmXwtKbfpPoOtdKsw3QhgFgHI&__tn__=EEHH-R
  2. No, but the question was not about leaf cutters. I am interested in knowing the answer to the question as I too have ants living in the pots. They eventually kill the plants living in the pots, at least that has been my experience.
  3. Has anyone considered the traffic jams which will occur when stores receive their deliveries?
  4. The OP was talking about ants living in the soil of the pot, not visitors.
  5. Absolutely totally correct. Even if you google, the address is in SAT. Some sites, at Dominoos behest probably, refer to the business name as Dominos Ajijic,but the address always given is in SAT or Chapala Municpio with a zip code of 45900 which is the zip for most of the town of Chapala and no part ofAjijic. FYI Ajijic is 45920 and SAT is 45915.
  6. Actually, 45900 covers the entire municipality of Chapala, the last two digits will signify where in Chapala. However, if one just uses 45900 anywhere in Chapala they will still get the mail, Ajijic, SAT, wherever.
  7. Dominos is located in San Antonio, Ajijic starts in La Floresta.
  8. What happened to them entering legally and taking their turn so those from a continent not Central or South America can also enter legally, My entire family emigrated to the US LEGALLY, waited their turn and got jobs and contributed to the US community. They did not come in to take but to offer their skills, talents and labor.
  9. I have answered their questions while they were standing on the street with me behind my gate. No need for them to come inside.
  10. I looked for this today and couldn't find it, what part of Costco is it in?
  11. I have seen pictures where the Teslas has been spontaneously caught fire and burnt up, these have happened in Germany. Most tow trucks there will not put them up on the trucks, some wont even tow them at all.
  12. My friend who had her wallet stolen in Walmart has two small US government checks, what institution will cash them? TIA
  13. My friend had her wallet stolen in Walmart yesterday and needs to replace her Permanente visa. What paperwork is required for this? She also needs to replace her Mexican driver's license and needs to know what documentation is needed for that. TIA
  14. There was much talk last year about the new law which requires homeowners to report and pay various taxes for the maids and gardeners. I haven't seen anything about it lately and it was my understanding that it was to go into effect as of January 1. Does anyone know what the latest on that is?
  15. All you need is the license plate # and the money, nothing else.
  16. Whenever I have been there it has been pretty empty. They do have a special menu which I order from but it has gone up to 300 pesos. It is a full course dinner, but one always has a drink or two with the meal and that brings the bill up. I know some will say $15. US is not much but for me it is and as I said, plus any drinks and then a tip, too much. The food is good, but I really do not think the restaurant is anything out of the ordinary. YMMD
  17. luvsdawgs


    Does anybody know offhand what percentage of rent is legally allowed as increase? I thought it was 10%, someone told me it is 15%.
  18. The picture you are showing cannot fit here but you want me to find one that will? First show me yours.
  19. I've seen them in the States which are not as steep or long as the one shown.
  20. La Pacena and they have lobster tail today. Oh, and Mario's in SAT is also open.
  21. Yes and it is easy enough to mow one's own lawn, clean one's own house, etc, but who wants to? Anything can be made at home, however, we are retired. I have a friend who keeps saying the same to me, oh it is easy enough to make, do, etc
  22. I had much respect for Charlie and had planned to go. However life got in the way and I was sorrowfully unable to attend. My not attending does not diminish this respect in any way. R.I.P. Charlie, ya done good!
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