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  1. 4 hours ago, cedros said:

    Today I showed a lawyer my RFC# she said it was correct but it had to be on different paper.

    ???? What is it on and what kind of paper does it need to be on?

    I went to the local papeleria today and she got the Constancia de Situacion Fiscal and printed it for me. $100.00 MXN.  There is a sign there listing that, so the Mexican community is going in there to get it also. She told me  I do not need the Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal. If someone asks me for one I can get it then, I have the most important one I guess.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    Including yours? On the other hand, you may have a deformed "d" on your laptop. It was a hilarious comment and absolutely true but I'm referring to the documentation of IMPORTANT stuff.

    I am still trying to get an answer to the difference between a Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal and a Constancia de Situacion Fiscal. Are they the same? I have the first (a full page printed) and it has a QR code on it and states quite clearly "Inscripcion persona fisica sin actividad economica extranjera". Apologies for the lack of the appropriate accent marks. I read that the CARD is required with photo and signature because of the number of Mexicans with the same name and all of this is to distinguish between them. We, as foreigners, rarely have totally duplicated names and we have other identifying documents like passports and INM cards that already have our photos and signatures on them.


    One is a tax ID:  It is a document that the Mexican government provides to each person who is a taxpayer. It is also known as CIF by its acronym (Fiscal Identification Card). Thus, the CIF is issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

    the Constancia de Situacion Fiscal is: The proof of the tax situation is a document that appears as a tax identification of a natural or legal person. In this document, you can find the tax address, the full name of the taxpayer, their CURP and their tax regimen.

  3. 3 hours ago, chapalence said:

    Fill this out and if you have one, it will tell you what it is. I took a screenshot of the page, printed it, and took that to CFE.


     As stated, I have my RFC and have had it over 10 years. I do not have the official card and QR code, perhaps do not need it but wish to have it for my records. Although the electric is in my name, I do not expect to take it to CFE, if the want or need it, they can ask for it. When I asked at my bank I was told they did not need it. So, I just need to find out how to get the card and QR code. Thanks,

  4. 16 hours ago, InChapala1 said:

    Given other high-rise/mid-rise condos not being completed (next to Coca Cola warehouse and Radisson Blu), I'd wait until places are closer to completion. Additionally, doesn't that marina in La Floresta have loud parties late in to the night? And a hotel within its complex?

    The one next to Coke has resumed, very slowly, to build again. They had lost their permit and returned deposits made on their condos. The Radisson has had to start paying their buyers interest as they have not finished on time. The loud parties are not at the marina but at an evento place not too far to the east of the marina and Real de Chapala.They usually have fireworks included with the loud music.


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  5. 15 hours ago, bmh said:

    well good luck making an appointment..before the first to start with. They are going to be so overwhelmed that they will never be able to fit in everyone by their deadline and then what? We will all get executed?

    I don't believe they will be overwhelmed as most Mexicans over the age of 18 already have their RFC and many expats already have one. It is only the ones who are probably here less than 10 years. Many who I have discussed this with have their RFC, it is the last form that most do not have. (Including me). While I never actually applied for one, when I went on the gov't site where it can be checked, it was verified that I have one. It is on bank statements already years ago and is valid.

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  6. On 5/9/2022 at 3:07 PM, mudgirl said:

    If you sweat a lot, make sure to drink a lot of water so you don't get dehydrated.

    This may seem like something that people would do naturally, but I am almost never thirsty and have to remind myself, and actually find it hard to choke back a glass of water.

    If this sounds odd, imagine that you have just eaten a big meal, and then someone forces you to eat another when you aren't at all hungry.

    I know many other people who have told me they are also never thirsty and seldom drink water.

    I read that many of the people found dead of dehydration  in Death Valley actually have canteens with plenty of water with them. As they do not feel thirsty, they do not drink. I was told by a Doctor to sip water and not to drink a glass of water, the body doesn't absorb it then and passes it out pretty quickly. If your urine is yellow you are dehydrated.

  7. 18 hours ago, dichosalocura said:

    Ok I just spoke with a cholo friend of mine and he confirmed that there was a shooting the day before yesterday up in the Plaza de Toro neighborhood.  One guy was shot.  According to US standards thats hardly a shootout.  It sounds more like one bad guy was sent out to kill another bad guy.  If occasional incidents like that frighten you here, living back in the States should truly terrify you.

    Actually, perhaps only one got shot, three were eventually arrested. It was a shoot out, they went there looking for a kidnapped minor. I thought maybe the little girl who is missing, however none was found as far as I know. The 13 year old girl is still missing. The shootout occurred near the Tech school. There were articles about it in both Voz de la Ribera and Semanaria Laguna.

  8. 22 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    And where did you come up with that bit of misinformation? 

    I did read it on one of the Mexican online newspaper sites, I don't remember which one. I have to agree, after some research I believe it was overstated. It is, however, a great source of concern as it is rising. See https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/first-drugs-then-oil-now-mexican-cartels-turn-human-trafficking-n1195551 for an idea of what is happening here. That little 13 year old girl is still missing.

  9. 1 hour ago, mudgirl said:

    Reality check- there have been 204 mass shooting incidents in the US so far in 2020 (and we aren't even halfway through the year), spanning 32 states. While some were targeted shootings, where innocent bystanders got shot, many were simply mass shootings committed by mentally deranged individuals. At least in viol, we don't have nutcases with guns opening fire in a Walmart to kill random shoppers or kids showing up at school with an assault weapon massacring their classmates and teachers.

    No, we have the largest human trafficking in the world, shootout in Publico Magico Mazamitla with over 1,000 casings picked up, etc. Another shootout in Chapala yesterday.This is an FYI about crime so people can decide whether or not to travel to certain area. Mexico has put out a warning about going to Michoacan and have extra armed  security in Mazamitla, Tuxcueca and Tizapan among others. Much violence around just not publicized much.

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  10. 15 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    Dog vaccinations are not at all expensive at the vet in Mexico. So while sure, it's great to have it given for free, no one should wait for a free clinic or door-to-door offering to protect their dog from rabies.

    Are you just speaking for yourself or for all the Mexican dog owners who would like to know when and where the shots are being given. I am sure they can afford to pay have  transportation to a vet for the shots.

  11. Just one more thought, how many or these walkers do you think are picking up the poop? Particularly when there are multiple dogs being walked at once or are on a bike or on the phone. I was in my car behind a walker with multiple dogs who was dragging one little dog behind him. I tooted my horn, he turned and said the dog was OK. I told him no it wasn't it was trying to poop and he was just pulling it along. In the case of dog walkers you do not always get what you pay for.


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  12. 3 hours ago, Ferret said:

    Actually, it's very skilled labour. I don't trust my dogs to just anyone to walk them. Most of you are missing the point entirely. We'd rather walk our own dogs and not pay anyone but that is not always possible. If you want to take your car to a cheap mechanic that is your choice. I want my beloved dogs in much better hands.

    More money does not mean better hands.


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