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  1. I read that many of the people found dead of dehydration in Death Valley actually have canteens with plenty of water with them. As they do not feel thirsty, they do not drink. I was told by a Doctor to sip water and not to drink a glass of water, the body doesn't absorb it then and passes it out pretty quickly. If your urine is yellow you are dehydrated.
  2. Actually, perhaps only one got shot, three were eventually arrested. It was a shoot out, they went there looking for a kidnapped minor. I thought maybe the little girl who is missing, however none was found as far as I know. The 13 year old girl is still missing. The shootout occurred near the Tech school. There were articles about it in both Voz de la Ribera and Semanaria Laguna.
  3. I did read it on one of the Mexican online newspaper sites, I don't remember which one. I have to agree, after some research I believe it was overstated. It is, however, a great source of concern as it is rising. See https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/first-drugs-then-oil-now-mexican-cartels-turn-human-trafficking-n1195551 for an idea of what is happening here. That little 13 year old girl is still missing.
  4. No, we have the largest human trafficking in the world, shootout in Publico Magico Mazamitla with over 1,000 casings picked up, etc. Another shootout in Chapala yesterday.This is an FYI about crime so people can decide whether or not to travel to certain area. Mexico has put out a warning about going to Michoacan and have extra armed security in Mazamitla, Tuxcueca and Tizapan among others. Much violence around just not publicized much.
  5. Sorry, but I see the La Voz de la Riberas has a date of May 2, 2022. Where are you getting 2018 from?
  6. https://www.lavozdelaribera.mx/chapala-y-jocotepec-con-afectaciones-por-sequia-informa-conagua/?fbclid=IwAR0UeHd6JoclnO4MEVm8TkOfnCILukcyerpN4GSdR4bDpopMtIcgqnJxvTg
  7. Are you just speaking for yourself or for all the Mexican dog owners who would like to know when and where the shots are being given. I am sure they can afford to pay have transportation to a vet for the shots.
  8. Just one more thought, how many or these walkers do you think are picking up the poop? Particularly when there are multiple dogs being walked at once or are on a bike or on the phone. I was in my car behind a walker with multiple dogs who was dragging one little dog behind him. I tooted my horn, he turned and said the dog was OK. I told him no it wasn't it was trying to poop and he was just pulling it along. In the case of dog walkers you do not always get what you pay for.
  9. They have clinics twice a year and also go house to house and vaccinate the pets. This is a free service done by the health department. Unfortunately the information as to where and when these are being done is not being publicized.
  10. I did try to contact him with a few messages, never got a response.
  11. Does anyone have a good house cleaning service which also does furniture they can recommend? Not Spring Clean. I would like to hire them to provide cleaning service to my home and eventually clean the furniture also. Thanks for your help.
  12. This is why contacting the various Great Dane Rescue organizations may be the answer. In the US there is at least one rescue group for each breed of dog, this goes for cats too.
  13. Perhaps one of these organizations would be of help. Of one of these rescues in Texas is interested it is possible Bone Voyage could take her on their next bus trip north. https://texasgreatdane.org/about-us/ I hope everything works out for you.
  14. Chef Andrew Robertson 331-517-8930
  15. I had the same problem years ago and did get a used one which I could not use as it was not programmed for my #. You need to get it from Vonage as it is programmed with your telephone #. Vonage sent it to me, I did not have to find a way to do it myself.
  16. I have seen a few electric ones around town, check with the bike shops.
  17. There is also the Regalo store across from the Ajijic plaza which many refer to as the dollar store. Has more variety than the small shop by Walmart. Also, this is Mexico so everyone needs to realize that everything that is wanted may not be available. I do not know if there is anything comparable to Burlington around here.There is also a Coppel department store in Chapala which may fill some of your needs. "If you buy items NOB, just take them out of the packages for crossing the border so they don't look new. " Don't forget to remove all price tags, lol.
  18. All shelters are full with hundreds of dogs.
  19. I have never heard it pronounced that way.
  20. Actually, many let their dogs out during the day and the dogs return to their home in the evening and then guard their property. I do not know if you are familiar with the dogs outside the butcher by the Ajijic plaza every morning. These are not homeless or strays, they just go down there for their morning snack. When I lived in upper Ajijic I recognized many which lived in my barrio. Some were pretty chubby, lol.
  21. San Antonio has dirt not sand in the water.
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