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  1. Just curious, which country or countries have been doing a better job? How many tests did SK do in 8 days, not 8 weeks? Why do you hate the US so much that you feel the need to attack everything it does?
  2. Yup, lot of haters out there and here.
  3. The lady doctor whose name I can remember, stated yesterday that the US has tested more in the last 8 days than South Korea has done in 8 weeks. Keep up with the latest.
  4. There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity as any intelligent and/or educated person would know. There are many very uneducated and intelligent people in this world. I believe Mexico has many who haven't had the opportunity to learn more and have a greater education, it does not make them stupid.
  5. No, I want to know what is being done here, it may be interesting to know what Canada and the US are doing but doesn't apply here. Now the rumor are there is a confirmed case in Joco and four others waiting for the testr results. The President of Chapala is asking those who believe they may have it to come forward and get help, etc.
  6. I have actually been reading el Informador and others but haven't found much other than AMLO thinks Mexicans do not have to worry about this
  7. Does anyone know what is going on in the county I am living in? How many ventilators are available in Mexico, specifically lakeside? What are they doing for treatments? Have they started to use the Malaria drug to treat it yet? What is the survival rate, which age groups are the most likely to get it?
  8. Who is the vice president and is he/she more intelligent or will it be more of the same after the president succumbs to this virus?
  9. There is a branch in Chapala, but why did the poster post without any further info?
  10. This from another thread on this board: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/judge-orders-government-to-take-measures-to-combat-coronavirus/ "Judge orders government to take measures to combat coronavirus The president and health ministers have 24 hours to inform the judge of what steps they'll take Published on Thursday, March 19, 2020 A federal judge has ordered the federal government to take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and detect people who have the infectious disease. The Mexico City-based federal judge’s ruling on Thursday came in response to an injunction request filed by members of Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI), a civil society organization. The MCCI members claimed that the government has failed to implement effective measures to avoid a widespread outbreak of Covid-19, which had sickened more than 233,000 people around the world and claimed the lives of close to 10,000 as of Thursday afternoon. If the government fails to inform the judge within 24 hours of the measures they will take to combat Covid-19, “a fine will be imposed on it,” the court order says. López Obrador and his administration have been criticized for not doing more to combat the spread of coronavirus in Mexico, where the number of confirmed cases has increased from 12 on Wednesday last week to 118 on Wednesday of this week. The president said Thursday that the government wouldn’t close airports or “shut down everything” due to the economic impact that would have on the poor. “Of course we’re worried about the situation of the epidemic, and we have to attend to it, but we also have to act responsibly,” López Obrador said. Rosa María del Angel, head of the Department of Infectomics and Molecular Pathogenesis at the National Polytechnic Institute, said that she was worried that Mexico will end up in a situation like Italy, “where measures weren’t taken on time, and the number of cases started to get away from them.”"
  11. Why? We have had the German measles, the Asiatic flu, etc. If it comes from China is Chinese. What are you calling people from China? Oh, I forgot another one, Hong Kong flu, I am sure there are others. Why is this racist, it states the origin of the disease, it probably should be call the WunHan virus.
  12. It is being used at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC among others. The Doctors are concerned that they are running out. It is an FDA approved drug just not for the virus, Yet. The medical profession is OK to use this even though not approved. I saw this on a news broadcast with the big guy from LH. He also stated that it is being used all over the US already. Time will tell, oh btw, it is only being given to the extremely sick at the moment.
  13. Actually I do, what you do not seem to grasp is that it is not what Italy did, it is what Mexico failed to do and is still not doing and that is closing the borders. Mexico knew Italy had the virus but did not stop anyone from there from coming in here. Again, your big concern and one which you totally ignore, is what is happening around you. It is not important what has gone on up north, nobody has come down here, (that we know of), with the virus. They have entered from other countries and have not been stopped and the President of Mexico states there is no need to stop those coming in, whether on foot, car, plane or cruise ship. Criticizing the leaders of other countries while yours does nothing is pointless and does not help anyone,
  14. Not that I read, I wish I had kept the article about that. It said the last time SARS escaped from the lab so the Chinese built a better and more secure lab to keep it from happening again. That lab with its' scientists are on the outskirts of Wuhan.
  15. No, but the politics in the US has nothing to do with whether you will or will not get sick. Strange that nobody is worried the President of Mexico is not doing much in the way of protecting his countrymen and the expats here. Only worry about what the US President did in January. Yes it is a pandemic, one that Mexico is not addressing and that should be your concern.
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