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  1. The official rate is posted, no need to go to Guadalajara.
  2. I would like to buy a wide or semi-wide straw hat in order to keep the sun off my face. I have checked Mia's and would buy new or used. Does anyone know where I am able to find them? Even checked Walmart but nothing there works. TIA
  3. luvsdawgs

    Bar Thomas

    A friend and I were in Chapala yesterday and decided to stop in there and have lunch. The food there has always been good and they made the best hamburger around. We were totally surprised that it was closed and shocked when we looked for a sign to check their times and found none at all. Apparently they are gone and it seems it was not recently that they closed. As I have not heard or seen anything about it I am quite surprised. Does anyone know what happened, could they have moved? If so, I will follow them to the new location. Have wanted the hamburger for quite some time now and haven't been able to get there.
  4. As to the dogs, I have a couple who are terrified, have used Rescue Remedy and Thunder Shirts on them to no avail. Last year I found Anxitane, it is natural, does not affect the liver AND it works!! I bought it at Pet Care in Riberas, he sells a lot of it and sometimes is out of stock. It has taken the two dogs who were the most panicked and made them so calm, they actually sleep right through the rockets. I would recommend it to anyone, check it out on the internet. Amazing results.
  5. It ends this year on the 16th according to SAT FB page.
  6. Sometimes it can be an honest mistake, but when it is more than 10 pesos, which it usually is, is it a mistake? I remember when the person at the cashier was shortchange a few hundred pesos, had given the cashier a 500 peso bill and the cashier stated it was a 200 bill. The person next in line bent over and looked under the counter and there was the 500 bill. It did involve the supervisor and a bit of a brouhaha, the cashier still in denial, but the customer was given the correct change with apologies.
  7. Costco carries the smoked trout, delicious! I buy some every time I go.
  8. Not for nothing, I consider myself a local as I live here and have for many years. Where else would I be a local if not where I live. I think there is a difference between a local and a native resident.
  9. Tripadvisor want all types of proof the name and ownership has change, copy of lease, CFE bill, etc. Once they are satisfied it is no longer Roberto's and is indeed under new ownership the name will be changed.
  10. "since ILox has over-promised me (3 months, now 2 months more)," Some of are waiting much longer, have patience, are undemanding and do not whine. Time to chill, we are in Mexico, the weather is great and the people are friendly.
  11. Both the Min Pin and the Doberman breeds have been bred from the German Pinscher. The Doberman was developed with Rottweiler and others while the Min Pin comes from Italian Greyhound and others. Both breeds have the German Pinscher in their ancestry.
  12. I thought they are not doing the emissions testing until further notice when Jalisco will publicize a list of authorized garages. Has this changed and if so, when are we to have it done?
  13. In my last and also in current house I had an electrician install the fans. My female godchild installed the one I had up north. She was not an electrician, read the installation instructions. Oh, and my neighbor across the street had hers done by the handyman.
  14. The lirios has been in the lake since last rainy season. There is so much at the San Antonio malecon, the reporter had pictures of them cleaning some of it away to the fishermen could get to their boats. I drove down there the other day and watched while one of the fishermen waded in the lake and was scooping the lirios out. He was creating a path so he could bring his boat in. A second note, Accuweather is predicting a chance of rain for today and overcast and chance of thunderstorms every day up to the 6th of June. Does this mean an early rainy season? I hope so.
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