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  1. A friend told me today that she is looking for Gas-x and has not been able to find it here. Has anyone seen it here anywhere? TIA
  2. ?? It was 30 and now reduced to 45?
  3. Probably needed for Canadian bank, international transfer. This is not a Mexican number, it is international.
  4. Who wants to share that small space with another? Not good for social distancing at all.
  5. https://www.ventanillaunica.gob.mx/cs/groups/public/documents/contenidovu/mdaw/mda3/~edisp/vucem008380.pdf
  6. Arturo across from Superlake does a terrific job. He is a landscaper, knows what he is doing.
  7. Does anyone know if LCS has anyone doing this right now?
  8. According to this it is $ 258 mxn for 2 bottles. https://www.amazon.com/REFRESH-TEARS-Lubricant-Drops-0-5/dp/B00E4MRKMQ
  9. I. In the case of foreigners with a regular immigration status, safeguard and guard the documentation proving your identity and your situation. II. Show the documentation that proves your identity and your regular immigration status, when is required by the immigration authorities;
  10. Apparently the same advice is still being given at Dr Claudia's office.
  11. Because one is not supposed to bend and she has animals to feed. No, she is not having both done the same day, first one and then the other two days later. As she lives alone she has to all for herself. Two people who recently had the operation used this and recommended it to her. I never wrote anything about renting this, asking if anyone had one to loan her so she wouldn't have the additional expense of buying one. But what can I say everyone is a critic and not helpful at all. I do not know why I bother posting anything on this anymore.
  12. Interesting, in all of my years here I have never, ever had a stray threaten me. Perhaps you are approaching them in an aggressive manner, it is obvious you do not care for animals to start with.
  13. I wish to have one of my dogs chipped but do not know who does it down here, please let me know where I can take her. Thanks.
  14. A friend is having cataract surgery on both eyes in the near future and will be in need of one of those grabbers. Before she goes to the medical supply store to buy one she thought perhaps someone would be willing to loan her one. So I am posting this for her. Please reply to me here if you have one she may borrow. Thank you.
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