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  1. Any idea when they will reopen? Wish to cancel internet, need to return modem.
  2. All those weapons by the door, what about when you are out and about? Carry a hockey stick or ax handle? Of course many can use their cane.
  3. I don't always agree with hj but he is absolutely correct. Cedros wants to be the expert, however hj is giving the best PROFESSIONAL advice and should be listened to in this instance.
  4. A friend asked me where she can buy pepper spray and I do not know. I bought some years ago at LCS, closed now though. Anyone know? She did go to Jara's for it but they don't carry it. TIA
  5. So, the little shops which have been open without all that are allowed to stay open no problem while the ones which have had no income this whole time need to shell out $$ in order to open? There is always a year before laws go into effect and then another period of time for people to get used to it. Now it is immediate? BTW, one of the little tiendas near me have people going in and out without masks all the time. I guess that is OK but another business needs to toe the line perfectly. So sad, these rules are killing the small businesses. I already heard of a once thriving business which is closing its' doors forever.
  6. I was told by a friend today that one of the five tested and waiting for results is a friend of his wife. So it would appear the virus is in the foreign community as well as the Mexican one. As most of us are in contact with both it would be prudent to continue using masks, washing hands, etc.
  7. I read a long time ago that is a fallacy, it is only the healthy well fed cat which is best at catching mice. They need to be in good condition for the chase. Your street cat is one which learned to hunt in order to survive, I have had many cats over the years which were excellent mousers and were always fed by us.
  8. I had a mouse a few years ago and told her she needed to stay up at night until she caught it, lol. She did and this is the first one since and for some reason she is not interested. So, need a trap, have used this type up north many times. Problem with live catch is they now have to fend for food against the other vermin and may come back. Have had that with red squirrels, took them miles away, that was before I realized how cruel that was. No good solutions, only solutions.
  9. I am looking for a regular old mouse trap that snaps when the mouse eats the cheese. I wont use poison as that just travels up the food chain and it is a hard death. I abhor those glue things, they are torturous and abusive, so cruel. Live trapping is not for me and the cat is not doing her job. I have tried one hardware store but they don't have those in stock. Do not want to be travelling all over Lakeside due to the virus. Any suggestions as to where I can buy one? TIA
  10. I agree, the food is lousy and too much salt. The only good meal I ever had there was breakfast and I prefer other restaurants for that also.
  11. Posted on the animal pages on FaceBook
  12. It was predicted this would happen as many closed due to the virus. Thankfully I rarely drink beer.
  13. That is quite an improvement. I never liked the way it was before, now it is beautiful.
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