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  1. All you need is the license plate # and the money, nothing else.
  2. luvsdawgs


    Whenever I have been there it has been pretty empty. They do have a special menu which I order from but it has gone up to 300 pesos. It is a full course dinner, but one always has a drink or two with the meal and that brings the bill up. I know some will say $15. US is not much but for me it is and as I said, plus any drinks and then a tip, too much. The food is good, but I really do not think the restaurant is anything out of the ordinary. YMMD
  3. luvsdawgs


    Does anybody know offhand what percentage of rent is legally allowed as increase? I thought it was 10%, someone told me it is 15%.
  4. The picture you are showing cannot fit here but you want me to find one that will? First show me yours.
  5. I've seen them in the States which are not as steep or long as the one shown.
  6. La Pacena and they have lobster tail today. Oh, and Mario's in SAT is also open.
  7. Yes and it is easy enough to mow one's own lawn, clean one's own house, etc, but who wants to? Anything can be made at home, however, we are retired. I have a friend who keeps saying the same to me, oh it is easy enough to make, do, etc
  8. I had much respect for Charlie and had planned to go. However life got in the way and I was sorrowfully unable to attend. My not attending does not diminish this respect in any way. R.I.P. Charlie, ya done good!
  9. They didn't have hamburger buns yesterday and would have the english muffins, "later", as they wont sell anything which is not fresh. New business has kinks to work out. She will be making Bialys Friday, don't know what time.
  10. There is no sign and no brown doughnut anywhere in the vicinity of the shop. I have been there many times since they opened, it is just as the picture shows, the arched door next to the llantera shop. "A picture is worth a thousand words".
  11. That is the green tire from the tire place, not a doughnut. They are next door and are open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday they are at the tianguis.
  12. I am curious, does anyone know who pays for the rockets used for Guadalupe? Someone told me the unions do, but I thought that was only for the San Andres festival. Just wondering about it as I also heard the unions are buying louder ones this year as they are having some sort of dispute with the church? Thanks for the info, as I said, just curious.
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