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  1. I agree and always say, "Senior dogs for Seniors". Now worry about training, being underfoot and tripping or outliving one for years and years. Adopt and give a Senior Dog some love for the last years and it will give much back.
  2. I thought someone who will be back from the states in two weeks said he wanted them?
  3. I did say the majority of expats. We have expats from all over the world here, not just the US. I have to think most would not go into a restaurant in their home countries dressed like they are going to work in the back forty.
  4. What I do not understand is the unkempt looking expats who apparently have no self esteem. Doesn't everyone realize they are representing the country they are coming from? There is so little respect for the Mexicans, Mexico and the home country of the expat. I am sure the majority of these expats would not go out in slovenly attire, unkempt hair etc when in their own country.
  5. luvsdawgs


    Mannix is also doing Easter dinner at Hacienda del Lago. They are also doing Passover Seder there on Friday.
  6. luvsdawgs


    The stores are owned by different brothers, not the family.
  7. A few of us were there last night, two had the Stroganoff, one had Salmon and one had the Fish stew. We were all happy with our selections. Richard's is as good as it has always been and we all hope to return soon.
  8. Push comes to shove, Walmart.
  9. While I do not bring my dogs to a restaurant, I know many do during the day. We also have someone in the area who needs to bring his bird everywhere he goes, a bird which does not wear a diaper. However, that is not what I wanted to bring to everyone's attention. Do you all walk outside in town? Do you breathe the air, the air which carries much dust? The dust which includes the fecal matter of the horses, cows and dogs which walk on the streets? How does that not bother you?
  10. Are you one of the poisoners who are targeting dogs every year? Or is it Murder you are suggesting, good you no longer live here.
  11. Poor Emillia's restaurant, nobody can give an honest report on any restaurant without someone taking over the thread for their own crusade. Emillia's was clean and served delicious food, they are gracious and friendly. Everything was lovely and they have great coffee to boot.
  12. I was there with friends for breakfast yesterday and there was at least one dog under the majority of the tables. All were quiet and well behaved, much better than kids running around and yelling. I experienced this at dinner on Thursday, not pleasant and I like kids. No, I did not have a dog with me nor did anyone else at the table.Point is, we had a lovely breakfast in a nice place with good food. All diners and their dogs were acting in a socially acceptable manner and the food was great. What more does anyone want? As to hygiene, what have you got on the soles of your shoes which you are bringing into the restaurant, ever think about that?
  13. I do not understand the majority of what is written here but I am now concerned I will not receive WiFi downstairs. Currently with Telmex I do. My neighbors across the street can get it from me as well. Why is it that Telmex gives better WiFi? My speeds my be slow but powerful, I guess.
  14. Does anyone know of this service or a group which is available down here? Please let me know how to contact them, I have a friend who is really suffering. Thanks for your help.
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