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  1. Try the Ranch. You are able to see many of the dogs on their website. https://www.theranchchapala.com/
  2. in San Antonio. Does anyone know if they are closed for good? It seems every time I go past they are closed.
  3. Looking for someone who can fix my Lazy boy recliner. I do not believe it is too difficult as I researched it on the internet. I just can't do it myself. Thanks.
  4. I would think Soriano is a family name which is not changed with the birth of each child. Girl baby's name is Soriana, brothers name is Soriano? Hahahahaha
  5. Animal Shelter in PV destroyed. " ** it’s worse than I ever could have imagined … these are the first pictures I’ve seen. I can’t stop crying … *** …. The shelter in PV is gone. It was destroyed by hurricane Nora. Three cats and one dog are dead. The staff are safe. I don’t know how they managed to save the rest of those lives but they did. You can PayPal spcapv@gmail.com My heart is broken. www.SPCAPV.com I need to add something … I need you all to know how incredibly fcking dedicated these women / staff are to these dogs. Their shelter blew into bits yesterday, the river swelling threatening ALL of their lives ( it’s not over btw ! ) the road to the shelter is absolute sht at the best of times yet this am they got 9 dogs to the airport and on a plane. This is what a shero looks like. Luz Wong Tina Kunkel Dora Chavira Perla I will never be able to express my gratitude to you. This is dedication. That is love.
  6. Is it possible to have Telmex internet without Telmex phone service?
  7. Friend needs second shot, where can she find the information as to where and when?
  8. There is no mention of any treatment for covid, chest scan was taken so perhaps this poor child had something else wrong with her? It doesn't show a diagnosis on the bill, so no telling. She went in with respiratory distress. No matter what it was, there was a cost to the hospital. Apparently she never got out of urgent care so she was very bad when they got her in. That was on the 17th and the bill is on the 17th. So sad.
  9. Does anyone know what has happened with him? Was he able to get help? I tried to PM him on the 4th, never was read by him. This is so sad.
  10. Why is she outside all day? She is just running around undisciplined. Bring her in, she is still a baby and needs her Papa.
  11. I tried it for awhile, just came over the internet to my smart TV, no boxes. It is a Telmex app. Why would you want to get that if you have a Firestick which gives you everything and more than Clarovision?
  12. Has any of you bickerers and hijackers heard from Angus? Is he OK? Please, please stop acting like children and show some compassion for a person who is asking us for help. It is not about you and your egos, it is about a fellow human who needs any assistance that can be given him. For him it is a life or death experience and not time to enjoy a battle of wits. I do not know the area he is in so cannot suggest anything to him other than to get a doctor to the house to give him medical assistance. If I had more info I would certainly call somewhere to get him help, even an ambulance. Just grow up and help him. Does anyone know how he is?
  13. Home Defense in the large container. I used to buy at SuperLake or Costco but do not see it there anymore. Is there any place Lakeside where I can buy it. TIA
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