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  1. So sue me, I made a typo and you couldn't understand what it was about. Talk about being picky. When you two fail to make errors and are perfect let me know so I can kneel at you altar.
  2. I do not know what you are referring to, I didn't think they had anything to do with the government, according to the previous poster they have moved up the street.
  3. They were just up the street from LCS but are now gone. Does anyone know if they have moved, and if so, where? I hate to think they had to close, it was a good thing for the women. TIA
  4. It is amazing to me that so many "holier than thou" people are on this board. So many perfect people who never, ever have made a mistake. It is called an "accident" for a reason. ac·ci·dent noun an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. "he had an accident at the factory" synonyms: mishap, misfortune, misadventure, mischance, unfortunate incident, injury, disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, contretemps, calamity, blow, trouble, problem, difficulty; technicalcasualty "he was involved in an accident at work" . an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause. "the pregnancy was an accident" synonyms: chance, mere chance, coincidence, twist of fate, freak, hazard; , I doubt she did it on purpose.
  5. As far as the amount goes, every month they always publish the how much it is for that month.
  6. CP Electronics. 333-817-2744 don't know the area code for Guadalajara. or Cruz , does satellite work for Francine, has worked on my USA Dish. 333-598-1511
  7. Anyone have any contact info, all I get is the info for SJC
  8. SAT comprises of more than just the village, Chula Vista, Chula Vist Norte, Ciele Vista, Mirasol, El Parque, Birds of Paradise, El Dorado, etc are all in SAT. Perhaps there are more high priced houses in Ajijic, but not really by much. The taxes on all the village buildings do not amount to much and many in Ajijic are always boasting on how little they pay in property taxes. (All the while complaining that they are not getting the bang for their buck). I do not know the boundaries of Ajijic, but SAT is very large, beyond the Fire Department on the Liberanmento, it includes Tobalandia, the Laguna Mall, Walmart. The sign on the libramiento welcoming everyone to Ajijic is in SAT not Ajijic. It goes to the lake, and to Riberas on the east. So I believe it contributes to the coffers, perhaps not as much, but then it does not get the attention from the municipality that Ajijic does. BTW, it is my understanding that the taxes go to the state and then is allocated to Chapala. The VAT is probably as high or higher from SAT due to the mall and Walmart. The residents there are not demanding or whining, just patient. They are happy and content for the most part.
  9. Interestingly. one never hears the residents of SAT or Riberas whining even though they have the same conditions as Ajijic. I guess the only those who feel they are entitled to more live there. Shame they cannot relax more and enjoy life.
  10. Was given Vitamin A drops for my dog's eyes by the vet.
  11. If it is not their name why worry?
  12. A friend asked me to post: Looking for a furnished 2 bedroom with a large yard, preferably one floor. Prefer between Ajijic and Chapala but will go further east or west. Please PM me with anything you may know. Thanks. Just was told would not like to be in a Fracc.
  13. You are discussing MEXICAN consulates which have nothing to do with the States. You need to ask Mexicans for advice about their government's consulates and not the expats in Mexico.
  14. In Finland they pay 80% of their income in taxes, the health care is good, but many get private health care as the wait is long. As it is in many other countries such as Germany and Canada for instance. However, the Socialist Government is failing. Soon there will be no health care or anything else.
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