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  1. Does anyone know where the business which was located mountainside just before the park going towards Chapala is now? They were there for years and had a nice product and I believe a good business.
  2. The nursery in SAT lost the property on San Jose, there was a lawsuit of some kind. That property ia being developed now. The nursery can be accessed either through a drive further down on San Jose or from the next street over. They still have many plants to choose from, I was just there a week ago.
  3. So, because it has been going on for decades it is OK? FYI, Mexicans trap WILD birds and then sell them. Cardinals happen to mate for life and trapping and selling them destroys that. I believe they are also protected in Mexico.
  4. The traffic at that intersection would be horrendous without Walmart. Of all the cars in the jams I expect it is a small percentage which turn off to Walmart.
  5. That "exit" is calle Libertad and has always been there, it is not part of Walmart, they are using it that way however..
  6. Does anyone know where the lighting store which was next to Sunrise Restaurant moved to? I heard they are in Chapala somewhere. TIA
  7. A friend asked me ir I know where corned beef and cabbage dinner is on the menu for the 17th, anybody know?
  8. I just read today that Germany has issued a caution on the use of the Astra Zeneca vaccine for anyone over 60. Sorry, didn't read the whole thing.
  9. I have driven in Guadalajara quite a bit and have never found it to be difficult. Of course Mexico City is much larger and would be harder to navigate for someone unfamiliar with the streets, but then there is always Google to help one on one's way.
  10. Sorry, it wasn't C but F. SAT, it was down in the 40's last night. Two thermometers, one above the other.
  11. Actually, it was 38 C on Sunday morning when I let my dogs out.
  12. I have been trying to get in touch with Memo the vet in Ajijic and can never get him on the phone and it seems I am always at his clinic at the wrong time. What are his hours please?
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