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  1. I have also returned an item with no problem. I even forgot my receipt and they were able to look the purchase up on the computer. Needless to say, I was a happy camper.
  2. It has been reported on FB that over 50 dogs have been poisoned also cats and birds. Doesn't matter if they are on the street, their own property or on a leash. A 24/7 hot line has been set up and they are investigating. It has been stated Joco will be creating a shelter as well. The video was in Spanish so do not have all the info. I think the man must be the Mayor, don't know though.
  3. There were no barriers in La Floresta, only those round orange things.
  4. I understand new barricades between the ciclopista and the car lane are being installed.
  5. I have a small whisk type broom and dustpan which I bought either in the automotive dept or Auto Zone. Or you can google Fuller brush whisk broom.
  6. Not for nothing, but I thought the state was going to redo the road from Chapala to Joco, what happened to that? Now it is bike lanes for a minimal amount of bike traffic. What happened to the redo? That is what is needed, the road is so bad in certain areas, Riberas to just name one.
  7. Interesting how Carnivore puts the blame of the bad reviews on the customers, they are ignorant of fine dining, they only like "junk" food such as hamburgers, etc. Much as the perpetrator blames the victim and society for his bad behavior. I have dined at Scallions as well and found them lacking. Each time I went, not once, not twice, not three times, but four. I gave them plenty of chances at all meals of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner and they failed every time. I no longer have their number in my phone.
  8. I bought mine in Walmart and think I saw one in the Todos Buenos store.
  9. If it is tourist rides, they are doing a bang up job. That many a day must mean big bucks for the company as I cannot imagine it is a cheap service.
  10. I am so sorry, this is quite a shock and unexpected. R.I.P. Camille.
  11. And if the driver was Mexican it is OK?
  12. I believe everyone is looking for the negative in other's post, it is so much fun to pull the lives and postings apart. However, you all miss the first sentence, "It has been one of those rare day's when everything has gone like clockwork, ". This is not something one appreciates only in Mexico, it is anywhere we happen to be when all works well. How we do appreciate it when we are able to finish our "to do" list, it is an accomplishment which gives us a feeling of well being. Stop looking for people who are knocking Mexico and start seeing the positive. The person is happy he as able to get everything done so easily. Be kind, be happy.
  13. Cari Leclair @ Bone voyage 331-705-0466. Bone Voyage is having a fund raiser starting at 4 this afternoon at Janelle's Garden. I was at the last one held there and it was very enjoyable.
  14. Mary Kay products. A friend is looking for a few things and I thought there was someone down here who was selling it'.
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