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  1. I just checked and I can go from Laredo to Guadalajara on a luxury class bus for less than the tolls on the same route.
  2. Sounds like a salesman sold somebody.
  3. Due to the lack of content, conventional wisdom NOB says to wait to buy. Interpolate that into local conditions.
  4. My now ex-wife, a Mexican with her name on the title, did not get a FMM, but some other short form from INM to take to Banjercito to get the TIP.
  5. If his Mexican wife is moving back to Mexico, why would this not apply? People who can make importing your household goods without payment of taxes on foreign trade are: Mexican students or researchers. Residents in the border area or region. Or Mexican immigrants repatriated or deported. SOURCE translated by Google: http://www.sat.gob.mx/aduanas/pasajeros/Paginas/Menaje_casa.aspx
  6. Calculate the toll costs on any route in Mexico at this government site: http://app.sct.gob.mx/sibuac_internet/ControllerUI;jsessionid=SMCcW0tYW8RF1GgS1Y3Vq7R4CJQ5bLWXSpXj2TJHjy2T5yYJTyqw!-76861131!997270476?action=cmdEscogeRuta&eligeIdioma=si
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