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    maple syrup

    Tonight I drizzled some on a buttered sweet potato. No need for desert now.
  2. That is a French word for circus.
  3. cirque [sərk] NOUN geology a half-open steep-sided hollow at the head of a valley or on a mountainside, formed by glacial erosion. Also called corrie, cwm.
  4. Per the Oxford Spanish Dictionary: circo m A circus B (Geol) cirque
  5. No dude, I said in two posts that I was guessing. You made up the rest.
  6. I just checked and I can go from Laredo to Guadalajara on a luxury class bus for less than the tolls on the same route.
  7. It was just a guess based on Oxford's offered definitions. Google is not an authority by a long shot. Go translate the common Mexican saying, "no manches". That is just one example.
  8. Google gags on Mexican Spanish. Use the "Oxford Spanish Dictionary" for more uses of a word than Google.
  9. I believe that circo also means cirque, a geological term for a type of valley. My guess we would say it's a mountain bike, aka off-the-road bike.
  10. Does Nokia's software direct you to a specific address with verbal turn-by-turn directions?
  11. The choice of choice is a Garmin with City Navigator® Mexico NT mapping software. Cellphone GPS navigation is a cruel joke on those who who don't know better.
  12. Never mind as I now see my error in asking a question.
  13. Wouldn't it be t'ai chi Juan in Mexico?
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