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  1. Is there a place to buy books in English in Ajijic?
  2. Did you have to get an international certificate. My Vet is trying to get it done within two weeks and it seems like a problem. Because it has to have A USDA stamp. It is supposed to be in Spanish and English. We are crossing by car.
  3. Has anyone had to have a dog health certificate to cross the border from the U.S. to Mexico? I have all the records of my dog's shots is that enough?
  4. Thank you Mostly Lost. That seems logical and simple. I was getting so confused by everyone's posts. Too bad they don't have the sign for the Aeropuerto up.
  5. Where is hwy 200. Did you drive from 15 d to Ajiic. You just confused me.
  6. Thanks blondie! I was in Mazamitla in May. I loved it. So from one blonde to the next you think the best way to go is the way to Jocotopec? From 15D going that way how long should it take to arrive in Ajijic. We will be driving from Mazatlán that day. Us Blondes need to stick together! LOL!
  7. Thanks everybody! I have it charted and made reservations at all the hotels. I am so looking forward to being there! Heard there was going to be rain in December there. Is that common?
  8. OMG! Ok let me get this straight. If we decide to do the Periferico we get off at the Colima exit and if we decide to not do the Periferico we get off on the Colima exit. There is no Aeropuerto sign or Mexico City sign from 15D. This is how I am interpreting all of your input. We lived in Nicaragua and owned a truck there and drove all the time all over the country. We are used to congestion. BUT we just drove 5,000 miles in Italy and got a ticket about 4 months after we got back because they caught us on the radar speeding (even though we always went with the flow of traffic). MOSTLY just tell me this for the Periferico what exit off of 15 D do we take and for the Joco way which exit do we take. I want to thank you all for the help. I was in Ajijic in May and know how wonderful all of you are. BUT I am a BLONDE so just give me the exits and I'll do the rest. THANKS again!
  9. I found Colima! But I don't see a 54 exit on any map. Is it intimidating to drive on the periferico? Is there lots of traffic there and stop and go? It looks like a pretty straight shot if we went on the periferico but it's hard to tell by the maps we have and the ones I look at online.
  10. How far out of Guadalajara is the Colima exit. Would we still be on 15 and then take that exit? Is Colima a town? I looked on our map and couldn't find it. It sounds good to have a less intimidating way to get there. We will have been driving that day for over 6 hours. Does 54 have an exit to Jocotopec? Is Lopez Mateo Sur a town? I feel pretty dumb asking these questions but I'm hoping there are no really dumb questions after all.
  11. Can anyone give me pointers for the drive to Ajijic coming from Mazatlán around Guadalajara. It seems like we would not want to go into Guadalajara but go around it. There looks like a couple of routes and I would like to know the easiest most direct route. Thanks!
  12. Thank you very much Newbie. I sure hope you meant public computers.
  13. Does anyone know if a person can buy a cheap phone and just by minutes in Ajijic. We will be there for 2 1/2 months and sure would like to have one.
  14. So what you are telling me. That driving in our car across the border, If we bring in bagged dog food for our old dog that is kibble not meat they will confiscate it?
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