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  1. We would like to inform you that the Restaurant area will remain closed from the 12th of December to the 22nd for remodeling and vacations. We look forward to serving you on the 23rd of December. The art gallery and handcrafted jewelry will remain open as usual. Thanks everyone for your support.
  2. Green Chilaquiles: $70 pesos. Fried tortilla chips bathed in our Green salsa, fresh cheese on top. To your choice Chorizo or Bacon. A selection of chicken or stake $20 extra per portion All Chilaquiles are accompanied with 1 fresh organic egg to your liking.
  3. We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from us at La Peña de Santos Rico.
  4. La Peña de Santos Rico Presenta: Prometí siempre “DESEaRTE” No amarte. David Mendoza art exhibit. Come and join us in this big celebration. Welcome cocktail and botanas. (snacks) Margaritas, Botanas, friends and arto arte.(Lots of art) Opening Reception 4:30 pm to 10:00pm Saturday, November 12th 2016 Ends on 2 of december 2016
  5. Hello.  We are new to Chapala.  How does one go about having their art for sale at this show?   Can an artist do this still or has this already been pre-determined?   Could you provide me with more information please.

    Much appreciated.

  6. Eggs with mole: $ 75 pesos. Two pieces of fresh organic eggs, bathed in mole poblano salsa and decorated with sesame seeds.
  7. - Huitlacoche Omelet: $ 75 pesos. (NEW DISH) Two fresh organic eggs filled with huitlacoche with tomatoes, onion and accompanied with 2 pieces of fresh roasted panela cheese.
  8. For tonight’s Free Taquiza (7pm to 8 pm) we have the delight of offering you handmade tortillas made with Purple Maize Purple corn (Spanish: maíz morado) or purple maize is another name for Blue corn, a variety of flint maize (Zea mays indurata) originating from Mesoamerica. Potential health benefits: Besides its use as food and dye, purple corn is under basic research for its anthocyanins possibly providing health benefits, such as in diabetic neuropathy.
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