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  1. I am in San Antonio and I have a bed you can borrow. Do you need the mattress and frame?
  2. I have Charles Schwab and my Mail all goes to the Handy Mail Laredo address. No problems.
  3. I am 61 and have been here for a year. I am not much for bars and nightlife either. I am still looking for more single my age but in the meantime I have met some great couples 55-65 years old. I also have found a lot to do with a variety of people.
  4. I have ordered many things from Amazon. I use Handy Mail Mexican address and things have gotten here within a week or two at the most. A few items get stuck in customs but you can track your package and if it sits in customs more then a day call Amazon and they will refund right away.
  5. Yes,I agree . I did this the first time and this last time missed it. I think it is the road that says Nogales airport. Don't take the road that says Nogales city center.
  6. I just made the trip last week. I used google maps on my Iphone. It works very well. I stayed on 15D Cuota road(toll). Tolls were right around $1700. Gas cost me about the same and hotel was $650. I left here at first light, I packed a lunch, snacks and water and just stopped for gas and a washroom break. Take the road out of here toward Guadalajara which passes the airport. Follow the signs for Nogales and then Cuota. You don't stop in these towns but bypass them, but you follow the signs for the city. They are Tepic, Mazatlan, Culican, you go through these towns Los Mochis, Navajoa, Obregon, Hermosillo, Nogales. I stopped in Navajoa and got there at around 5pm. You gain two hours on the way there. I stayed at Fiesta Inn on the left near the end of town. It got light around 6ish in the am and I left when light. I made to Phoenix by 5pm or so. Take cash for the trip, your passort, and resident card. Road was rough from Obregon to Hermosillo but the rest of the road were very good. Safe travels!
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