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  1. Express VPN works great, I use it all the time to watch anything on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc.  The key is you have to set it to be In New Jersey 3 is the one I use that works.  Oregontochapala probably just left it on whatever came up and that won’t work.

  2. Well, I hate to dissappoint Oregontochapala but I was not conecerned until it happened.  I had company visiting and we were gone from about 9:30am-2:30pm on a Wednesday back in February.  My house has a wall around it with sort of an open front with bars.  Well, they came and pried off the lock to the gate, the lock was in pieces.  I live in a small 2b/2b house.  They took my friends suitcase, both of our Ipads, and all my jewelry.  Mind you most of my jewelry had sentimental value not dollar value.  They pulled most things out of my closet, found my little safe, pried it open, only to find papers.  I didn’t have much for them to steal.  I think they look for ease of access first.  I am sure they were in and out in ten minutes.

    I now have solid metal accross the front of the house, a doorbell with a camera that will alert me if soemone rings the bell or not and I have two locks on the gate.  I always had an electric fence around the top of the wall.  Yes, they can still get in but I think they will hit an easier target first.

    Yes, and my 2 dogs were barking like crazy until they got in.  I am sure they threw them some food and the dogs took off but were waiting for me when I got home.

  3. On 1/7/2019 at 10:48 AM, twelveoaks said:

    Hi Syver,

    Thanks for  the info. I am a bit confused regarding payment however. I was told by LCS I can pay in actual pesos and don't need a banamex check as I don't have a Banamex account. I also read that banamex will issue a cashier's check. Can you help me with this ?


    You can only pay with the Banamex check and you do not need an account.  I debated about going to Guadalajara, but it was very easy to do it here and I am glad I did not go to Guad.  If you do go to Guad you can use your credit card.  I don’t think they will take your personal check in Guad either.

  4. I just got my new passport.  Get there early as there will be long lines and they will leave as soon as they are done.  I called LCS the Monday before the counsulates comes here to get the amount for the check.  It must be exact and the consulate will only accept a check in pesos from Banamex in Chapala.  If you go to LCS they will give you a list of what you need to bring, the check, passport photo,  a photocopy of your passport etc.  I went the following month to pick up my passport.

  5. Brian in Mexico,  that raod was exactly as you described 3 years ago when I came down in my 35foot motorhome.  Tested my 12 years of driving experince of driving my motorhome.  Lots of narrow roads for a motorhome.  Drove my motorhome back up 3 months later and the roads had improved greatly.  I guess that is not permanent or even semi permanent.

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