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  1. You can always just have the driver set the package just inside your gate and keep the 6ft distance. I believe you would need to call Amazon MX and have the name of the driver.
  2. Yes, but only with a VPN. I use ExpressVPN.
  3. I have VPN Express and right now I am using Washington DC. I have to change it every now and then. Miami has never worked for me.
  4. I live across the street from Panino’s in San Antonio and so far lights came on this am.
  5. You can opt to pay at Oxxo. I did and it worked.
  6. So is the health care in the rest of the world!
  7. I have Express VPN and use it for Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. You do have to change the location in the app. I did have the location set up to New Jersey 3 and it stopped working so now I use Washington DC and that works now. Have you tried using different locations in the app?
  8. I was at Chapala Med on Wednesday and one of the staff told me it would open in June.
  9. Be sure you check on the cost of duty. It could be as much as the phone...
  10. I use Express VPN, which works for Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. I set my location for New Jersey or Washington DC. I have the VPN loaded on my Fire TV, a product of Amazon. https://www.expressrefer.com/refer-a-friend/30-days-free?utm_campaign=refer_friends&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_content=settings_get30daysfree&utm_source=ios_app&referrer_id=15252148
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