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  1. That is a point of view. However, she has been in business over 20 years and her practise is always busy. Her practise is located in a more expensive part of town, you can tell by the mercedes, audis etc. So, to answer you, I believe she is very capable. Coopercj
  2. My Canadian Dentist told me that I needed 4 crowns. I had heard tha mexicna dentists are cheap and good. I went to one and she told me the Canadian Dentist was milking me for money. She repaired 3 cavities and sent me on my way. So if you are in Guadalajara here is an honest good Dentist. Dra. Livia Irene Fano Reyes Citas: 31 22 71 74 Cel: 333 171 16 15 F. J. Zumarraga 375 Chapalita, Guadalajara
  3. My wife is on warfarin. She had to return to Calgary since there wasn't any here. She has extra tablets. coopercj
  4. I have been watch this since I plan on getting a couple of crowns. I am in Guadalaljara and this web site claims to be the dental association and sets out their prices. http://www.dentalassociationofguadalajara.com/Prices.html The prices seem lower. Chris
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