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  1. Hi Kathy, I don’t see any messages from you on this platform or my email inbox except the email you sent just now. Ive responded. Thank you
  2. UPDATE: I have a short weekend housesit in GDL ending Sept 2. I’m available then til end of September (possibly longer). Gracias
  3. Ah- I didn't know they require that! Thanks for letting me know. I'll copy and paste my bio here. I have lots of references on that page but could try to show you in a DM. sorry- it's lengthy!! Hello! My name is Casey. I was born and raised in Northern California. In April 2015, I quit my day-to-day job after twenty years of doing Photoshop work (photo retouching, restorations, manipulations) and working in the photography industry. I am still able to work remotely. I have rented out my house in Midtown Sacramento and I hope to travel the world indefinitely, well, as long as possible! This has been a dream of mine. A bit about me: I am passionate about artistic and creative endeavors. Currently, I enjoy exploring, yoga (certified YTT200), hiking, kayaking, snorkeling/diving, photography, reading books and learning more about this world and it's inhabitants. I am environmentally conscious and I prefer to support local farmers/farmers markets. I enjoy vegetarian (I prefer raw-vegan whenever possible) foods and trying out new recipes. I am not 100% strict on that- I do periodically allow myself to try/eat most all other foods- including fried grasshoppers!- especially in other countries. I have lots of experience with house/petsitting (just finished my 30th housesit) and can provide many references. I understand what it is like to own a home and have other people staying in it- I will treat your home with the utmost respect, keep it clean and orderly, and notify owners immediately of any concerns regarding the home and/or pets. I am quiet, dependable, and an excellent communicator. I also understand what it is like to miss your fur/feathered babies so I will also keep you updated with photo snapshots while you are gone via email/text (did I mention I'm a photographer?!). I adore all animals and look forward to being able stay in homes that have animals. I have no problems with cooking your pet's food (i.e. red meat, veggies) to your specifications. I would be happy to water and care for your plants/gardens- I love being outdoors. References available upon request. Thank you for your time, ~Casey
  4. Liana, I do not see your message in inbox or junk folder. I will message you here on this site to see if we can connect
  5. Hola todos! Chapala's favorite house sitter is coming back to your area (I'm kidding about favorite... but I am pretty cool!). I've done 8 sits in the Chapala area and I'm now on my 31st sit in Mexico City. I will finish here on Aug 11 and I'm currently looking for other sits. I am available Aug 12 to late-September. I will attach my bio here: https://www.trustedhousesitters.com/house-and-pet-sitters/united-states/california/sacramento/l/92991/ and yes, it is FREE. It's a fair exchange. you can contact me at itchin2trvl@yahoo.com or message me here (though I don't always check here so email direct would be best and quickest). Thank you for reading!
  6. Hola all, I'm returning after being gone over a year. I've forgotten the days of the various markets- can you tell me which days and where? I liked the organic markets as well. Also, there was a day that SuperLake has some vendors selling homemade food in the morning- which day is that?? I looked through many pages of this web board and didn't find my answer- so sorry if this has been posted before. Muchas gracias!
  7. It's VERY easy- I took it the other direction- from Barra to Ajijic with no problems. I'd imagine it's just as easy the other direction. There were only buses from Melaque to Guadalajara- I took Primera Plus. Very comfortable. If traveling light, they could take the Chapala bus into Guadalajara, then a cheap taxi ride over to the "new station"- super easy. When they arrive in Melaque, it will be a very cheap taxi ride over to Barra- it's, like, a 5 minute ride. Thought Id mention- on their way back- Primera Plus stops at that stop in the middle of the freeway that is a major bus stop. They could technically get out there and take the Chapala bus directly back to Chapala. Email/ask me for more details- I'm happy to help. I got pretty bus-savvy while I was in Chapala. I only took buses- rarely taxis.... Btw- Barra is a really wonderful town and I liked it much better than Melaque (tho Melaque is a nice lil day trip). There IS a beach- a beautiful one- but also a steep one so you can't really just go running out into the waves but you can sit on the beach and watch sunsets while drinking coconut water out of a coconut from the guy on the beach. Tell them to be sure to go to Bananas for breakfast (CHEAP overlooking the ocean) and Marlenas for dinner (again, overlooking the ocean) and my friend's place: Restaurant at Barra Galeria de Arte. And take a lil boat trip in the channel by the grand hotel there. Now I miss that place! (spent 3 weeks housesitting here) Sorry for the long post!! And I think I know who you are--- so hello!! <3
  8. Ahh I hope we can find some. If I get ahold of any, I'll be sure to contact you. Good to know there are others here that do the Kombucha thing ;-) My mom and I had to split up our suppy, too- mainly due to differences in preference…
  9. Kombucha is a fermented tea. It puts good bacteria in your stomach to fight off bad bacteria. After 8 months of travel and tons of street food (some quite questionable…), I've never gotten sick once. I credit the Kombucha
  10. Does anyone (or anyone know of anyone…) who has a Kombucha SCOBY to spare? Or Kefir grains? Just got done taking antibiotics for an ear infection and need some probiotics- I prefer to do it the good, natural way. Once I have a scoby, I'd be happy to share my Kombucha with anyone who wants to try it. Very good for the belly! Gracias!
  11. Let me know where I can meet 40-somethings… While I was there for 2 months, my social life was seriously lacking- cause I couldn't really meet anyone my age to hang out with. I'm coming back Feb-April-ish...
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