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  1. Has anyone had experience downloading Express VPN to a TPLink router. I an definitely "tech"challenged and I'm about ready to takea hammer to this router! Hammers Iunderstand!
  2. Carlos gave us a "sample" of his new and improved fries today! Excellent. He's blanching them earlier. Much crisper😁
  3. Thanks guys! The phone is no big deal but, I figure I'm paying for it so it should be working!
  4. Drove by several times and it seems like they're never open. I plugged my phone into the modem, got a dial tone but can't call anyone. All I get is a busy signal?????
  5. I talked tk Carlos today about the fries. The problem is that he's not blanching the fries...just cooking as they're ordered. I explained about blanching and he said he'd do it! Burger was great today...as usual!
  6. I agree! Carlos is a great baker and makes his own...deliscious!
  7. This is Nissa's burger! Tastes even better than it looks! Nothin' else to say Rick
  8. Has anyone used this dentist? Comments?
  9. Heidi and I had burgers and fries...brought back "60's in Paradise " memories! They we're excellent! Carlos' home made bunwas fantastic. He tolx me he sold out of budgers almost immediately...saved 2 for us. Love that place!😁
  10. Dave and Janice, I hope you read this. Nissa's is going to start serving burgers tomorrow! Carlos, the owner, is an excellent baker and he is going to make his own buns. I tried the fries yesterday and they were great. Heidi and I will be there at 2:00! Rick
  11. Hi Travis! Have you had the filet? The sauce would make a flip-flop taste great!
  12. Lunch today. Filet with brown butter, caper sauce. Served with mashed potatos and grilled vsgetables....fantastic, as usual. Our VERY favorite restaurant!
  13. I'm finally making the switch to Ilox internet! My questikn is does the modem have to be plugged into a phone jack or, can it be placed anywhere? Thanking you in advance. Rick
  14. This TV soundbar allows you to raise the volume of the voices over the background "noise"! It's the model AV203 and you can read about it at www.zvox.com A friend, moving north, gave me a 4 speaker surround system or I wouldn't be selling it. Paid $199 U.S. and selling it for $1000 mp If you need more info, call Rick at 331-442-3930 or 108-1495. Sold-Sold-Sold!
  15. heidinrick


    Heidi abd I have eaten at Niisa's many, many times and always had a great meal but, yesterday topped 'em all! It started with a basket of fresh baked Focaccia bread with 2 dipping sauces. One was Hummus, the other Tzatziki..both outstanding. I ordered Steak with brown butter-caper sauce and Heidi had the grilled chicken. They both came with potatos and grilled vegetables. Heidi's chicken was moist and perfectly seasoned. My steak was grilled perfectly and the sauce was incredible. I think you could put that sauce on an old tennis shoe and it would be great! Guess what I'm ordering next time!
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