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  1. I have no idea...all I know is we're going back this week. Loved it!
  2. Damn, is there any way I can remove my "review" on a sandwich???? This is ridiculous!
  3. Hi Gringohombre! I'm so terribly sorry that I caused you such a problem! I couldn't think of any landmarks and I know how difficult googleing can be! God forbid you're ever faced waith a real dilema such as which utensil to use for soup! I can't believe how some people dig and dig for something to criticize! Buena suerte!
  4. I forgot to mention the sanwick is flattened on a sandwich press and served hot...and yummy!
  5. Heidi and I both had REAL cuban sandwiches at Sabor del Caribe in Riberas today and they were fantastic. Best I've had since leaving Florida! The sandwich is ham, pork (cooked the Cuban way!), swiss cheese, pickles and mustard...served with fries for $85 pesos. I would have gladly paid much more! All kinds of goodies on the menu at excellent prices. They bake their own bread and pastries. Took a loaf home and Heidi at about 1/3 befoer we arrived! Damn, it was good!
  6. Yeah, that's the one! Thanks for your input!
  7. Has anyone had experience with this streaming device? We currently are using Dish...they keep dropping channels and, yet, the price remains the same! The latest victim is ABC. We are thinking about streaming but, would greatly appreciate some comments..pro or con. Thanking you in advance! Rick
  8. Has anyone had experience downloading Express VPN to a TPLink router. I an definitely "tech"challenged and I'm about ready to takea hammer to this router! Hammers Iunderstand!
  9. Carlos gave us a "sample" of his new and improved fries today! Excellent. He's blanching them earlier. Much crisper😁
  10. Thanks guys! The phone is no big deal but, I figure I'm paying for it so it should be working!
  11. Drove by several times and it seems like they're never open. I plugged my phone into the modem, got a dial tone but can't call anyone. All I get is a busy signal?????
  12. I talked tk Carlos today about the fries. The problem is that he's not blanching the fries...just cooking as they're ordered. I explained about blanching and he said he'd do it! Burger was great today...as usual!
  13. I agree! Carlos is a great baker and makes his own...deliscious!
  14. This is Nissa's burger! Tastes even better than it looks! Nothin' else to say Rick
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