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  1. I agree but, things have REALLY changed!😁
  2. Heidi and I haven't been to Tony's in years...never overly impressed. Yesterday afternoon we went for Aracherra. What a pleasant surprise! New owner, new menu and excellent food! Like the dummies we are, we each ordered the Aracherra baked potato and veggies. We could hardly finish one order! The Aracherra was excellent and the baked potato was huge and deliscious. I think better than Bruno's . We're going back tomorrow for Rib-Eye Tacos! They also have USDA Choice steaks...maybe next week!
  3. Heidi and I just finished lunch. Excellent as usual! We both had Fettuccine Alfredo Heidi's with chicken, mine with shrimp. I grabbed a flyer and thought I'd share it. Love this place!
  4. Tried twice at around 2:00pm to pick up a pizza to take home, Friday at 2:05 and today at 1:45...closed both times. Guess they're not interested in the linch folks! Oh well, so much for that idea.
  5. I was just curious. Heidi and I were watching one of those crime shows and a guy got whacked at Bobby's by the Sea. This one is in Rosarito. Obviously a different "Bobby"!
  6. Does anyone know where Bobby'y (Roberto) hotel on the beach is located? Gracias
  7. Bought a filet there Saturday...big mistake! Tasteless and tough. The dogs are happy!
  8. Sorry Ken...it's Ilox! Can you JUST get internet or, must yiu subscribe to a package?
  9. Went there today to get info but their computer was down. Anyone know installation cost and per month just for internet? Gracias!
  10. Why does this always go off the subject? I was talking about a restaurant. Maybe I should've said "some kind of fish"!
  11. What time's breakfast? We got there about 2:15
  12. Niisa's is west of Ajijic. It's at the west end of the strip where La Ancla and Jitomates are located. I tell people 3 topes and 100 meters past Oxxo on the lake side of the highway. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 8:30am till ? Closed Monday I think! EVERYTHING we've had there has been excellent!
  13. Heidi and I went to Niisa's for lunch.....again! Carlos, the owner, was telling us about a new menu item. He makes his own bagels, covers them with cream cheese, smoked trout, capers and black olives. I was salivating so he made one up for us to sample...incredible!!! I can't remember ever having smoked trout before but, I found it to be tastier than salmon (IMO). For lunch, I had the Barbeque Ribs and Heidi had their steak. Both were excellent. Hats off to Carlos! New breakfast menu coming soon!
  14. I "THINK" they're closed Tuesday. I was told they open at 8:30 for breakfast. The phone number is 108-2682. I have no idea how late as we always eat our big meal around 2.
  15. It's located at the west end of the little strip where "the anchor" restaurant is located. About 1 k west of Oxxo. Heidi and I have eaten there about a dozen times and I can't wait to go back. Kyle's right the owner, Carlos, is a great guy and I love that , with the open kitchen, you can watcb the CHEF prepare your meal!
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