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  1. Quite honestly, I've forgotten what paperwork is needed to renew the registration on my car! Thanking you in advance for your help! Rick
  2. heidinrick

    Beige Patio Umbrella

    Yes, it was. It's been sold.
  3. heidinrick

    Beige Patio Umbrella

    This was purchased at the store a little west of Super Lake for $2149.00 pesos. The base cost extra. It has a 9'6" diameter when open and the stand is either straight or tilts. I'm selling both pieces for $1000.00 pesos. Rick 331-442-3930
  4. heidinrick


    I don't know about delivery...but, don't think so. Incredible food!
  5. heidinrick


    Heidi and I just had a FANTASTIC prime rib at Jitomates. They charge 1.5 pesos per gram and encourage you to split your meal. We ordered 400 grams (too much). It came with a monster deliscious salad, mashed potatos, yourshire pudding and creamy horseradish. By far, the very best prime rib we've had here. Served on Friday's after 2:00. Once again, tried to upload picture but failed...duh!
  6. heidinrick

    Rick's Burger @ Casa Linda

    Thank Michael for cleading up MY mess! Sometimes my mouth overloads my brain and I guess that I assumed they wers going to start serving the burger immediately...you know what happens when you assume! Apologies, especially to Sue, for misleading anyone about availability.
  7. heidinrick

    60's in Paradise burger

    I screwed up..it's $95 pesos. Sorry 'bout that. Yeah Mike, we charged $75 for our basic burger ove 5 years ago. The fries were not included so, this is a great deal and a great burger!
  8. heidinrick

    60's in Paradise burger

    Sorry Lexy...I don't visit this site frequently. The price is $90 pesos including fries. Well worth the price. Tripps charges $85 pesos for a tasteless burger half the size of this! This is the real deal!
  9. heidinrick

    60's in Paradise burger

    Heidi and I taught Alejandro and his chef at Casa Linda how to make the same burger we served at 60's and The Early Bird Cafe. Today we tasted the product...just like old times! A fat (7oz/200gr), juicy, tasty burger on a toasted bun. What more can you ask for! He says that until he sees how it goes, there will probably be a limited supply.
  10. heidinrick

    New Special-Casa Linda

    I thought everything was great. I must admit that I'm not an expert on scallops but, I thought it was great. I hardly ever eat rice but I inhaled every grain of this serving.Thanks for posting the picture for me!
  11. Alejandro from Casa Linda asked me to post this for him. They're calling it the Heavenly Seafood Trio and is made up of Tuna, Scallop, Shrimp and rice. I was the Guinea Pig yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic. This will be done only by reservation 24 hours in advance. Their phone number is 108-0887. Took a great picture but, for some reason, it wouldn't up-load!
  12. heidinrick

    Looking for good redneck breakfast

    Finally talked Heidi into giving Southern Sisters another shot. Breakfast this time, same results! Won't be returning...'nuff said!
  13. heidinrick

    M & J Royal Pizza

    Just came from there...excellent!
  14. heidinrick

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    I'm sorry, but I'm actually going to go back to the subject...Southern Sisters restaurant. We have an appointment at 9:15 this morning so, after reading the review on their breakfast and that they open at 8, we thought we can have our breakfast and still be on time! WRONG! We got there at 8:05, doors closed, no lights so, once again dissappointment. I don't think they have a clue about running a business! One of the owners said they will be open 8-8 every day. Maybe they meant Mexican time!
  15. heidinrick

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Heidi and I went yesterday and I debated whether or not to post this. Our experience was completely underwhelming! The venue is beautiful but, that's where the "beauty" stops. Ordered our drinks (ice tea and a coke) waited about 10 minutes for the coke. The tea was served immediately. Heidi asked for coke "normal" and the waitress tried to convince her that menus azucar was regular coke. I ordered the southern fried chicken and asked for mashed potatos (in Spanish) at least 3 or 4 times. Heidi ordered a burger which was ok. When my chicken arrived, I got french fries. The batter, which should be golden brown, was sort of tan and the chicken was red around the bone...obviously not cooked long enough. The service, or lack of, was terrible. The key to success in a restaurant is consistantly high quality food and excellent customer servive. Obviously, they didn't get the memo. Won't be returning any time soon! Too many good places from which to choose. I almosr forgor, $437 including 2 pieces of pie to go.