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  1. Hello, I am interested in contacting Victor Romero who was mentioned on this forum and paints murals. Does anyone have a phone number or e-mail address for him or his wife Isela? Does anyone know if Victor sometimes uses a projector to project a scene onto a surface, and then paint over the projected scene? I am writing from Florida and would like to contact him before visiting Ajijic in November for the Maestros feria. Thank you! James L. Castner
  2. Hello Everyone, I visit Lakeside at least once a year and will be coming for the Maestros feria. In a house in Ajijic I saw a pantry that had a beautiful antique kitchen scene painted on it. (I shall try to attach it if I can.) The house owner couldn't remember the artist's name, but told me he had painted it by using a projector to project the scene on the furniture's surface, and then painting over it to do the figures and colors. I believe this is the way Norman Rockwell use to work. I am trying to track down this artist who paints by projection and was wondering if anyone else in the Lakeside area had had similar work of this nature done? Many kind people have responded to a different list and suggested that it was Noe Ortega whose business is in Riveras. He was not the artist, as I spoke with him by phone a day ago to make sure. Anyone who thinks they can help and post on this forum, or contact me with a PM at: jameslcastner@gmail.com. Thanks very much. Best wishes, James L. Castner Gainesville, Florida
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