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  1. I have reached the point where it is no longer safe for me to live alone.  I am very overweight (200+) and when I fall it takes several strong people to  get me up - I cannot help at all..


    My first choice is my adopted Mexican family.  Maria and one of her adult sons are here 3 mornings a week and are well Co pensated.  How much is it reasonable to offer for one of them to sleep here every night?  


    If they would prefer not to do this I will get back to you for names of other candidates.  English not necessary - I don't speak Spanish but can get by.



  2. I have found Cynthia's service to be excellent. Barbara ij
  3. Hello!

    The new pool in Riberas will be open on march, I can´t give you any especific date, due to the work that is been done. As soon as we have an oppenning date we will let you know.

    I see you have interest in our staff. Are you intetrested in working with us?

    Thank you for your interest.

    Acuatica Chapala

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