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  1. I have reached the point where it is no longer safe for me to live alone.  I am very overweight (200+) and when I fall it takes several strong people to  get me up - I cannot help at all..


    My first choice is my adopted Mexican family.  Maria and one of her adult sons are here 3 mornings a week and are well Co pensated.  How much is it reasonable to offer for one of them to sleep here every night?  


    If they would prefer not to do this I will get back to you for names of other candidates.  English not necessary - I don't speak Spanish but can get by.



  2. I have found Cynthia's service to be excellent. Barbara ij
  3. Are there currently age limits for car rentals here or in the US or Canada? Does anyone know about Europe?
  4. Thanks. I have the cheapest Telcel but have trouble using it. The one from Amazon is in English and has bigger buttons so I think i will try it since you say Telcel service will work. This board is great and I appreciate the people who take the time to answer. Barbara
  5. I am technology challenged and want to buy a very simple cell phone for emergency use. There is an unlocked phone available from Amazon. It needs GSM service. Does anyone know if that is available from Telcel? Barbara
  6. Mine is no longer producing cooled air. Does anyone know where to have freon levels checked.
  7. maggilu

    Coconut shrimp

    Any recommendations for coconut shrimp?
  8. I am definitely interested. Sent you a PM.
  9. I want to buy a 65 inch TV. What is the advantage of a Smart TV? I have both HD and regular now and can't tell any difference and my receiver and antenna are HD.
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