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  1. On a related note, does anyone know the status of the protest?
  2. So far my wife and I are very happy with our IUSACELL service. All of our use is in the Lake Chapala area so far without any complaints. Service in Villa Nova has been excellent, we've logged many hours of calls to the US without any call quality issues or early terminations. Data speeds for me in Villa nova are 5 down, 1.5 up which is superior to our Telmex DSL............ I can't speak to service quality outside of our area, but hopefully this helps those interested in the Villa Nova area. Also, below is a copy and paste from another topic showing the service we signed up for. It was such a good deal I really couldn't say no:
  3. My wife and I are in our early 30s and are here for a 12 month trial. While there doesn't seem to be an abundance of same age peers, there are a few we've ran into. Most of our interests can be handled online, or aren't tightly coupled to age bands so I think we will do well here socially. For the most part, we have the same pros and cons of living here as the rest of the expats. There are a few things that are either unique to our age band, or in general, a greater factor for us. Pros: Mexico is one of few countries that will provide a long stay visa to people our age without in country work contracts, being a student, etc. Most countries don't have the option, or have a hard set minimum age. Instead of lower costs making retirement funds go further, lower costs can mean a better work/life balance. Cons: Internet connectivity is limiting for remote work. I wouldn't be surprised to see groups of younger working expats start to develop down here as internet connections improve.
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