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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have recent experience opening a Bancomer account on a tourist visa in Ajijic? I opened an account there two years ago (just needed a rental agreement and copy of a recent bill attached to the house). Closed the account when I left Mexico and now would like to re-open... or even start all over... on a tourist visa again... but even tho they still have "mis datos" in their countrywide system , I am not in Ajijic at the moment (am in Mexico, but further south) and they said their policy changed so, no can do. What about Ajijic? My Spanish is pretty good but I'm not sure if I could cover all the details in a phone call to our old branch at el parque in Ajijic... anyone have a recent experience? Thanks in advance if anyone knows!
  2. Sonia, Is 230 pesos fine you mentioned for overstaying dependent on how long you overstayed? For health reasons, I overstayed on a tourist visa (more than a few days, but will be under 6 months overstay) and will leave in a couple of weeks... will there be a place to exchange pesos after checking in with immigration? I just want to make sure I keep enough pesos to pay... but don't want to be stuck with more than I need and no place to exchange. Will they accept USD for the fine? Thank you....
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