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  1. Hi. Does anyone have the number for someone that can make a home visit to check the configuration of a Smart TV and Netflix. I have a tenant who said that the service has stopped working. I'm assuming that she changed something and has no idea what to do. Probably very simple but I can't do it remotely. Preferable they speak English too. Thanks
  2. Actually I've answered my own question. Found the form for requesting change of address.
  3. One more thing (hopefully) They also asked this as we have moved from Ajijic to Queretaro since getting our visas : Presentar tramite de notificacion de cambio de domicilio cumpliendo con los requerimientos establecidos conforme al art. 56 de los lineamientos para tramites y procedimientos migratorios publicados en el diario oficial de la federacion el 08 de noviembre de 2012, toda vez, que existe dispariad en lo registrado y las documentales aportados para su renovacion We were going to fill out the renewal application form again with our address in Queretaro but want to check if there is another document online that we need to fill out instead ? Thanks again
  4. We are renewing our residente temporals and after the first visit submitting our forms we got an email asking for other information which we didn't get when we first applied. The point that we're not sure about is this one : 2. presentar escrito y constancia en bajo protesta de decir verdad en la cual manifeste la subsistencia de condiciones bajo las cuales fue concedida la condicion de estancia como residente temporal, domicillio particular y temporalidad Which we think means they need a letter stating why we need to renew and stay in Mexico ?? Has anyone else had this and can shed any further light on it and what we need to do. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi. Is the club open all year round ? I was interested in trying it out and would like to come by in a couple of weeks time.
  6. Thanks. I'll get in touch with Roberto so he can take a look. Be a shame if it had to go.
  7. Sorry for dragging up an old topic but just wanted to check that they are still recommended. I need someone to look at a lime tree that seems to be diseased to see if it can be saved. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for responding. I remember reading about the break-ins so understand why you need the system there. I hope you get some success with the alarm company soon.
  9. Haven't seen a thread on this so either the locals don't know about this forum or everybody is deaf. Every night for at least the last week or more your alarm system has been going off several times late at night.....its been going for at least an hour right now. Would it be too much to ask for you to get someone who is actually competent to look at it and fix whatever is causing the fault. I'm suspecting a faulty sensor. I've even got out there to check that there isn't someone actually trying to rob the place as I know you have had problems in the past so its definitely not going off for a legitimate reason. Thank you.
  10. Have messaged you to register our interest. This would be ideal for us. Is it worth mentioning this to local businesses too. I'd imagine Danza Del Sol and Hotel La Joya del Lago and the local restaurants etc would be interested too.
  11. I'm from the UK so even then it will probably feel like Summer to me Max budget $1500US for something very good.
  12. Hello. Probably going to be a lot of questions from me in the next few weeks but this ones probably the most important We've just moved to Ajijic and currently renting a property until Mid-December. So want to get a property ready for when we move out. The biggest priority for us is that there is good internet available as we both need internet access to work remotely so the property would need to be in an area that could have Telecable or one of the fibre providers. Ideally we are after something that's within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Big enough that we can have guests visiting without getting in the way of each other so either 2 level with washrooms on each level or ideally a casita on the property. Fully furnished and we would also like to have a private pool. No kids or pets and our maximum budget would be $1500US for something very good. If you have something you think is suitable or know someone who might then please let us know. We are visiting local realty offices and keeping an eye out online too. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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