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  1. Well, I have not received anything.
  2. As of today Walmart is not going to sell any alcohol!!!! Until May 31. Anyone know how to make a still?
  3. Taxes in Mexico 376 765-5273 cell 331 069-0579 taxesinmexico@gmail.com Scott Graville
  4. What happened to Car City? All of the building are being torn down. Where did they go?
  5. Had my right hip replaced on Jan. 8 at the San Antonio Hospital for $9455.94 US dollars. Does not include the x-rays. That is for 2 nights in the hospital and the doctors. Doctor Gonzalez was the doctor.
  6. I agree, 2 weeks should it. The notary said at the time of sale it would take 2 months. That was back on Aug. 25th 2019.
  7. How long does it normally take to receive a signed and stamped title from the notary after buying a house? It has been 5 months for me.
  8. Which nursery sells and delivers sod?
  9. Where is the best place to buy large potted palms just like Letty's restaurant has?
  10. monadog

    Perry's Pizza

    He has been closed for sometime. Anyone know that happened?
  11. This was an obvious attempt to make the hamburger look fresh. Over the years, I have bought a lot of hamburger at Walmart. Never had a problem even close to this one. The outside surface of the patties was smooth, shaped by hand. I will not buy meat there again.
  12. I went to Walmart a few days ago to buy a few things, including hamburger meat. Picked out a package that was nice and red. It looked very fresh. At home I broke open the package to store some of it inside the freezer. Well, Walmart had applied a thin layer of fresh red meat to the outside of the patties. The meat inside was a dark reddish brown color. Who knows how old that was? The dog is still having hamburger for dinner.
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