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  1. Hector the expat liason messaged me today and said he will visit them.
  2. For those who patronize Farmacia Christina and care to know. Today all four employees inside were without masks. So they choose that option, and I have options too. Just FYI.
  3. Hello Natasha. I apologize for the late reply. I didn't have this forum set to be notified of replies to my post. Your service is appreciated. You must have a good heart when it comes to animals. To ease your mind, let me report to you that I DID visit my neighbors and DID leave cards with contact information on the day the cat was found. And one neighbor did call me back. In any case, thank you for your advice. The neighbor also bemoaned the frequency of kitten appearances in the same location. I have now found two kittens apparently left there, a few months apart. Which led m
  4. There are two beautiful homes in this neighborhood that use large and expensive cat litter bags to hold their trash on the street. I wonder if there may be a connection between this and mysterious kitten encounters? 🤔
  5. I agree he was probably dumped. Too friendly, and in good shape too. We found another last year in the same location. Just wanted to talk to neighbors and post in the unlikely case he is an escapee. Thanks for responding.
  6. Found in the vicinity of calles 16 de Septiembre and Juan Manuel in Ajijic today. Estimate 8-10 weeks old. Very good condition, friendly, socialized. All white except for grey spot on head. Do you know this kitty?
  7. No power in east Ajijic, one block east of La Bodega Restaurant.
  8. After months of excuses to fix a computer screen, I was just informed that my laptop was "lost" at the airport. No deposit money returned. Assured that I will be filing a report with PROFECO.
  9. Fumiga treated our house for termites. Professional, polite and clean. They claim a five year guarantee against re-infestation. They are licensed, and not inexpensive. Cell 331-464-6705. Telephone 376-766-2286. Email fumiga_75@yahoo.com.mx
  10. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I made an appointment with Spencer.
  11. I am hoping someone can shed some light on my question. We recently visited Europe, and purchased a piece of art glass as a souvenir. It was shipped to Guadalajara through DHL, but they would not deliver it. They called me and said I would have to apply for a special "license", and that it could take up to three months. They asked me to verbally agree to send it back. The DHL caller had only a basic command of English, and I am afraid my Spanish is rudimentary. Does anyone know what this license is called, and who I would have to contact in order to get it?
  12. Power went out here in east Ajijic, about 11pm. Restored a few minutes ago. ?
  13. Ford Ecosport, a small SUV. Has a good amount of interior room. The spare tire is mounted to the back hatch, making it more convenient to open. Has a back up sensor. One of the higher ground clearances in its class. Mirrors fold, too.
  14. I have purchased thyme, basil, rosemary and chives at a small vivero in Ajijic. It is mountainside of the carretera, on that parallel service road, in between Revolucion and Aldama. Landmarks, it is in between the health food store and Telmex.
  15. No worries. Mom has an appointment with Dra. Berenice Thursday for her surgery.
  16. Marisol, the manicurist at Panache has puppies that need good homes. There are 7 in all, 4 females and 3 males. They are 10 weeks old and healthy. Her phone number is 331-260-8671 if you have a question regarding these cuties. If you adopt one, I will personally reimburse you for the first set of vaccines and initial vet exam. Just save your receipt.
  17. The noise is definitely reduced overall this year in my neighborhood. The housekeeper said it is because of the church padre. She said he doesn't approve of loud music and excessive cohetes.
  18. I have purchased furniture (dining chairs, loveseat and chairs) from Casa Bonita. Christina is very helpful, and had some great suggestions when I ordered. Lots of colors and options available. She also helped me to design a custom modern wood dining table and large floating display case. I am delighted with the results, however both projects took about six weeks before delivery. She is a professional designer and I highly recommend her.
  19. Sydney Gay is a delightful singer/comic here at Lakeside. She was recently written up in the June 25-July 1 edition of the Guadalajara Reporter. She will be performing "Wings on My Boots", one night only. For this event, La Bodega Restaurant in Ajijic will be transformed into a theater. The show starts at 5:00 pm. Tickets are $200 pesos, and all proceeds will benefit Lila Wells. Lila is a Lakeside resident here, who is active with theater groups. She is currently stateside, caring for her daughter Liz. Liz is an oncology nurse who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. She is a sin
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