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  1. Thinking about moving out to Chapala Haciendas #1. Can anyone who lives out there comment on: Noise/dogs... crime/theft.... and issues with land/soil as it relates to problems with the home foundations.
  2. I have a friend who is going to bring some of my personal belongings down to Lakeside in his trailer. I'll be going to a Mexican consulate in the US to certify the manaje beforehand. My question is, with my name on the manaje can my friend go through customs and bring my things down on his own, or as the menaje holder, do I have to be with him?
  3. Thanks for the info. Very helpful.
  4. I'm preparing to drive down to Lake Chapala next month. In the process of getting my Temporal Visa, the agent at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles told me that even though i'm only bringing clothes, computers, some kitchen items, etc., i must, according to her, submit a Menaje de Casa. If i don't "I will be taxed". I called another Mexican consulate office (in Nogales) and was told the exact opposite; that a Menaje was only necessary if i was moving furniture or a whole household of belongings. Any info or clarification would be much obliged.
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