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  1. Contact Connie Kimmitt at 7661648. Connie has a spa. She has a woman named Lourdes come in from Guadalajara. Excellent work! Lourdes does all types of permanent makeup, even reconstructive. She does microblading. There is no pain as she numbs the area by injection. Lourdes is a permanent makeup artist. Please contact me if you require more info.
  2. Hello Mod 3.  I am looking for your advice.  I posted a reply to the Help. my 2 missing dogs thread and I am unsure if this should have been a PM. Could you please look at it and advise, or remove if it seem inappropriate. I wasn't trying to embarrass anyone, but I think it could be taken that way.  I was trying to help, s those two dogs need to be secured for their own, and others' safety. What do you think?

  3. The decor is stunning, and some of the wait staff are exceptional, but the food, and service, is hit and miss. In January, I became very ill from something I ate there. It took me a month and a half to go back. This time I ordered the chicken wings, something I have enjoyed many times there. They were so poorly prepared... greasy, spongy skin, virtually no sauce...that I wouldn't order them again. I won't be back for a while, again. I very rarely eat out, so when I do, I'd like to have a good meal. After the reno, I really thought that they could give the other restaurants some real competition, and most likely come out on top. Now, I am not sure. Too many times, the food and service don't live up to the decor.
  4. A Mexican lady on Fresno, Lower Chula Vista found one in her home. She told me that several have been seen in the Libramiento area. I am so glad she warned me, as I would surely have picked it up had I found one, as I find insects fascinating.
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