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  1. I think living abroad makes you appreciate life more...you appreciate some of what you left behind, and more of what you have in your new home.
  2. Thanks, Lexie. Everyone has their own ideas about things, but for RV, the Mexicans and Mexico can do no wrong, and the expats are always wrong.
  3. Yes, I ran into Marcos several weeks ago, and he told me the same thing, that June 15 would be the end, and a bit more. It was our first restaurant we went to here, 16 years ago. Never had a bad meal. the food was all Marcos own recipes. And a really nice guy. I wish him well, now, and onto the future.
  4. Virgogirl, you nailed it. I couldn't have said it better. Echos of my own experiences elsewhere, and feelings about here. If you haven't lived for a while elsewhere, you might think Lakeside is Mexico. It is not.
  5. I think I am done with this topic. We are all wasting our time here on something that those business owners could change, and I'll say it once more...if they wanted to. They don't. They have no respect for us, only money.
  6. This whole situation is so sad in a pathetic sort of way. We should not have to even talk about this as it shouldn't be an issue. The store owners really couldn’t care much less...there will always be more foreigners, until maybe one day there isn't. I bet a boycott would work. But that would be next to impossible to organise. I have also wondered if the two creeps are paying a 'fee' to work that area.
  7. I take it you are joking?! If we feel that we need advocates to accompany us shopping, well...I don't even know what to say.
  8. I like this recipe. But how can we know that the cilantro and parsley is free of contaminants. Even organic is suspect.
  9. Strongly agree. And I will say it again...ALL this nonsense from these two creeps, could end now, if the business owners wanted it to. It all comes down to respect, or the lack of it.
  10. No shots at the messenger. Instead, you gave me a lot to think about. It never occurred to me that the corruption extends into this area, but it makes perfect sense. And yeah, that is scary.
  11. Good video! And when I get my Windows cell phone next weekend...I am looking forward to you teaching me how to use it!
  12. Agree...this is what we have here, and those are viable alternatives.
  13. Hi Xena. Well, I pretty much have to do the same as everyone else, find a way around the situation. Park across the street if I am in the car, never in the parking lot. And limit shopping there. Some folks have mobility issues and cannot do that. Some people, for whatever reason, has little choice but to go there. I was agreeing with Mostly Lost. We shouldn't have to have this topic, continually come up, but we do, because the issue still exists. It exists, because shifty, aggressive opportunists are drawn to this area due to the relative wealth of the foreigners, to being able to intimi
  14. Agree! Why do we have to be intimidated? And accept it...to have to think of various 'strategies' like whether to be tough or nice, someone wait in the car, park across the street, go at a particular time, not shop there, etc., etc.? just to get some groceries or mail.
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