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  1. I’m interested in hearing about inpatient post-operative experiences anyone has had while staying at the Hospital San Francisco in Guadalajara. I’m interested in your recent hospital stay - how did you fare if you were only able to speak English, how was the food, what were the accommodations for your supporting family who stayed with you. Thank you for your assistance. Sharon St. John
  2. I'm having difficulty with mobility due to worsening of scoliosis. I've consulted with Surgeons in Mexico City, Guadalajara and University of Utah. I'm getting varying opinions which adds to my confusion and uncertainty. I'm 76 which is another complicating factor. It's within the realm of possibility I could live 15-20 more years. I must make a wise decision. Any personal experience with scoliosis recovery/ or living with it, would be helpful to me. Thank you for your input.
  3. In search of highly skilled neurosurgeon and/or orthopedic surgeon to do some complex back surgery, in the Guadalajara area. I’m looking for a surgeon who can  preform surgery on L1, L2, L3, and repair or replace a fractured vertebrae. 
    ‘Thank you. 

  4. In search of...... Landscaper! One who knows what plants are dog safe and has an eye for harmony and beauty. We have a grass cutter. We need a landscaper.TIA!
  5. I have lost my passport- I need to get it replaced quickly. I’m seeking guidance from any Gringo who has had to replace this document. What glitches should I be careful of, what papers do I need. I’m scheduled to go to LCS on Jan 8 and meet with the people who assist with lost or stolen passports. Should I have photos taken, where and what size? Thank you. Sharon St. John-Mercik
  6. We have been using Omar the Vet for our two dogs. He loves animals and has a gentle, professional way of handling them. He speaks fluent English and is knowledgeable about domestic pets. Our dogs have been vaccinated, neutered, teeth cleaned, infections treated by Dr Omar. Very capable compassionate man. ‘Sharon St John-Mercik 12/20/2019
  7. Does anyone have Dra Martha Bellesteros Flores. She is a Dermatologia who I have used. She has moved and her phone number has changed. Does anyone know her phone number. She is the doctor who does skin cancer screenings at LCS.
  8. I am in search of an extremely qualified foot surgeon. I recently had my left foot operated on by a doctor who came highly recommended from a local clinic. The surgery turned out terribly; my metatarsal and great toe do not touch the ground anymore so my balance is severely compromised. Since he came so highly recommended, I am hesitant to put myself in the care of another orthopedic surgeon. I would like to hear from people who have successfully had foot surgery from a competent physician. 1. Does anyone know of Dr. Agustin Toscano Barragán He works out of Hospital Rossete. Avenida Circunvalación Division del Norte 487, Monumental, 4320 Guadalajara Dr. Daniel Sanchez DPM (works at the same clinic at Barragan) 2. Total Feet Podologos - Av. Puerto Melaque 1233, Santa Mariía, 44350 Guadalajara 3. Any other surgeons ??? I would also appreciate being steered away from a surgeon who had a questionable reputation. Feel free to PM me. Sharon St. John-Mercik
  9. I am having surgery on my foot. I'm in search of a walker for tall people and/or a wheelchair. I have googled what Guadalajara has to offer and all I can find is wholesale.....no retail. Any ideas would be helpful. TIA


  10. We get very little sun in our courtyard and grass won't grow evenly. We are in search of a reputable, qualified local business that specializes in installing artificial turf. Have any of you had experience with artificial turf in Mexico? Thanks in advance. Sharon St. John
  11. I’m interested in sharing language skills. Are you a male or female? My husband and I are English speaking and are ready to learn Spanish. Sharon 🇲🇽
  12. I purchased hearing aids at Costco in Utah 3 years ago. The follow up support has been great. I have not checked out Guad yet. I love the hearing aids I got from them. It was something like $1200-1800. On the low end of that but I don't know for sure. The blue tooth feature is my favorite. It enables me to hear on the phone without so many "what's?" I also enjoy listening to audio books that play through my hearing aids. Divine. Really helps when I am doing housework or other unpleasant tasks.
  13. Is Mexico the place for me/us? I am seeking honest information from ex-pats regarding your experience of living in the Lake Chapela area. I'm especially eager to talk with women. 

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