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  1. What is it with these expats going out at 7:50 in the morning to check on Walmart... And a girl who’s name I won’t mention checks out the malecon, and the stores last Saturday.. It reminds mind of about 10 years ago when the expat patrols going around checking on the bars that had music to see who was having to much fun.. Why can’t they stay home and look after themselves....
  2. Unfortunately many of the expats that post on this board think they know more than the medical experts. From reading the posts over the last 2 days it’s sad to see how many of them are posting that they went out to see if the malecon was open or closed, checking out the stores... Others are posting you can’t get Covid from casual contact. Someone posted he was going to Walmart today.. What more can the governor do to stop the spread.. ?
  3. Call your bank if they are the ones sending it. Then you get the facts ..
  4. I had my visa sent by Fedx a few months ago. Had it delivered to ishop. No problems.. it came in a padded envelope so unless it was xrayed you couldn’t tell what was in there..
  5. It would be so helpful if the person posting could give some details other than some vague reference like “I know someone who was denied entry to OXO today...,or Soriana denied someone today.. As it was the same poster of both of these events theses posts have zero credibility...
  6. I see from the number of times you have posted you know a lot about everything.. So the medical experts all over the world are wrong when they say don’t go out stay home.. ? In your expert opinion as Long as we wear a clean mask it’s OK to just wander around checking restaurants, parks, malecons, stores to see if they are complying with the lockdown rules...?
  7. Why would you travel here..? The medical experts are saying “ Stay home, don’t travel”. Yet you choose to ignore them... A negative test means very little, it is only a snapshot of that moment it time..
  8. So if I understand your claim correctly your saying that if you walk by someone in the street who is infected and not wearing a mask or wearing a mask incorrectly or one of the cheap Chinese masks and who happens to sneeze as you walk past, that walking through the cloud of droplets will have no effect on you ? even though the droplets could possibly enter your body through your eyes or ears... I would like to know the source of your claim that it takes prolonged contact with an infected person to catch the virus...
  9. This is the reason the virus is spreading.. Did you really have to go out this morning checking up on the restaurants and stores,, and what’s happening at malecon. What part of “Stay home stop the spread don’t you understand”. ?
  10. So many of the usual negative people on here, There is very little that can’t be done on line these day..,Can’t you just for once pay your bills on line, shop on line. Take care of yourself, do your part to stop the spread.. So many of you are so worried about what other people do and trying to come up with reasons this lockdown isn’t going to work. You would feel much better about your life if you tried to think positive thoughts. VIRUS DON’T TRAVEL, PEOPLE DO
  11. You can call them what ever you want... I bet gogirl cares because she got a ticket for not displaying a ticket...
  12. I wouldn’t be contacting Brian in Mexico about anything, from reading his post you can he doesn’t have a clue about anything.. Check with each province about the medical rules,, for at least 15 yrs the Ontario rule is you can be out of the province for 172 days before you lose the medical.. Because of Covid19 the rule is no longer in effect.. so it doesn’t matter how long you have been away your covered for medical as soon as you return.. I have found If you call or email the relevant ministry in Canada they are very helpful and can give you the correct and up to date information..
  13. Another expat who likes to show that the laws in Mexico don’t apply to them... Oh!!!!! So brave...
  14. If you are catching an early morning flight I would get there at least 2 hours before.. The times I have been on an early morning flight the line ups have long,
  15. Isn’t the official time 3 hours before for an international flight... ? If I was taking the flight I would be there 3 hours or more before.. There always seems to be a long line at the check in desk...
  16. Yes the discount is for Jan & Feb, but it is less in Feb, I think it’s 5% in Feb.
  17. If you wait a couple of weeks the lines ups will be shorter, or none at all. I have found if you go around 1pm quite often there is no line up..
  18. Many of the newbies here don’t understand how to find out how many liters their tank holds @ 80% and how to work out the approximate amount to fill it to 80%
  19. It’s not the gas company ripping you off, it’s the driver.... Can you tell us how they ripped you off. ?
  20. You would know because most of you post on here is BS. Secondly go to the CRA website and read up on the tax rules in Canada, specifically on the length of time you are required to keep tax records... Thirdly I only got a refund for 7 years not the 10.. that you claim.. Oh!!!! you have changed your mind on that on that now... and only got interest paid from the day my accountant filed the amended tax returns not the 10 years like you claim...
  21. Load of B.S. You can only go back 7 years..
  22. Jackie are you a control freak...? Just mind your own business.. Just worry about what you do not what others who you might want to control but can’t do.. if that’s an issue for you I’m sure you know where the airport is..
  23. Large companies like Coppel prefer plastic over cash for many reasons.. The money is in their bank account instantly..They don’t have to pay a security company to transport it to the bank. Employees can’t pilfer credit card monies. They don’t get stuck with counterfeit bills. Accounting is much easier with credit cards.. They don’t mind paying the fees, for a large company like Coppell it’s probably only 1 or 1 1/2 % maybe even less.
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