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  1. If the o ring didn’t come with a little packet of lube. I’ve always used Vaseline.
  2. I’m no expert in tax matters but there is something wrong with this story. I have been here 15yrs and collect CPP & OAS The CRA doesn’t care where you live as long as you file your income tax form..
  3. Are you sure as you claim you were here before Walmart. ? Because I was. And I’ve seen how much this town has prospered since Walmart opened its doors here. They have supplied jobs to hundreds of young people who had very little chance of finding employment at Lakeside before. There are more mom & pop stores here now than before Walmart opened. Regardless if you like Walmart or not they given a great economic boost to this area...
  4. It’s the usual paranoid expats who see a scam in everything here in Mexico.. Maybe it’s me but I couldn’t even understand her post. (1x6, 1x1 at the register ??????? Not that I really tried that hard anyway.. My self I don’t think I could ever remember the shelf price of every item and then cross reference it against the till receipt.. I wonder if they do that when the error is in their favor, Or do they just walk out say “Yeah I’ve just scammed Walmart..
  5. I would replace all the pipes.. chances are if the system is old it’s rusted out, if you fix that leak it will probably leak somewhere else, As big a job as it might be do it once and be done with it..
  6. Why isn’t Dish perfectly legal here.. Dish has stores throughout Mexico, there are several stores in Guadalajara..Haven’t been to the Galleria mall in awhile but Dish used to have a booth in the mall..
  7. Why don’t you call one or more of the propane trucks and ask.. I don’t think anyone on this board sells propane...
  8. Go to the menu on the receiver and check the signal strength, if the strength is good then you may have lost the channels because Shaw has moved the to the new satellite,, eventually all the channels will be moved to the new satellite Anik G1
  9. I haven’t heard that about Alex.. last year Alex stopped going to the border himself, he had someone delivering the shipments to him.. and then he distributed the packages as usual.
  10. Alex Peterson is still in business.. Alex is direct from Laredo so you wouldn’t have to pay the extra fee from SMA to Ajijic. I don’t have Alex’s number but it should be easy to find.
  11. The lighters are the same or similar as everywhere else.. Made in China..
  12. There is rail infrastructure in Mexico, maybe if you were actually living here and traveled a little you might see the freight trains. As an example on the drive to Melaque you pass close by two areas of track, and if your timing is right you will see a freight train, I’m guessing it’s going to or from the port at Manzanillo.
  13. Shows how little you know about Shaw.. It’s not illegal to have their service. Shaw couldn’t care less where you are as long as you pay the monthly subscription.. The more subscribers they have the more fees they collect and more advertisers they can attract.. The issue is with other TV service suppliers who don’t like losing customers to Shaw.
  14. https://mexicodailypost.com/2021/03/18/breaking-news-mexico-announces-border-restrictions-starting-march-19-no-non-essential-travel/?fbclid=IwAR1oApZfEgRMRTd0E6fgGgwBkJM-q2Wqncc21mM8UxMMYLpDHW-nxxWGTto
  15. There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to program fire sticks.. it is not that difficult... The 4K version is the best one to get.. but the bottom line is it’s still a streaming device which relies on good internet.
  16. Shag is a troll, Don’t pay any attention to his posts...
  17. I didn’t think you would be able offer any evidence to support your point of view.. Not sure if you are fluent in English but if you are able to read the OP the poster did specifically mention carnival time..
  18. So what your saying is concerts at Carnival time in Ajijic isn’t Mexican culture.. Can you give us the source of your information, or show us some evidence of all the Mexicans that are opposed to the concerts at carnival time... Do you have any ? or you just stating your own opinion. ? There is lots of evidence on this board from expats who don’t like to be disturbed, I haven’t seen evidence of Mexicans being disturbed by the noise, other than posts by expats stating they heard from their gardener who heard it from someone who knows a maid who doesn’t like the music... Maybe if you went to a concert in the plaza at carnival time you might notice that about 99.9% of the people there are Mexican.
  19. Here we go again, another newbie wants to change the culture here. You know it’s only 475 peso for a taxi to the airport..
  20. OXO On the corner of Galeana. ?
  21. Any recommendations as to where to get documents printed from my phone. ?
  22. Thank you gogirl exactly the kind of answer I was looking for.
  23. Thank you... those were the kind of answers I was looking for..
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