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  1. Why would you run copper to the modem.. it would defeat the purpose of using fiber. The hard part is stringing fiber from pole to pole, the easy part is going from the pole to the modem..
  2. Most people are doing it in one day…. You leave around 8am and because of the time difference you arrive in TJ around 9am. Schedule your shot around 11am, You Leave TJ around 4pm, home around 7ish..
  3. It depends on what nationality Eric is.. According to mostly lost the border is closed despite the fact dozens and dozens of Canadians including me have crossed the border into US in the last few months to get vaccinated or go home to Canada.
  4. You don’t even need an appointment. I drove to Laredo Texas 4 weeks to get the J & J. I did have an appointment, but while shopping in Laredo I saw several pharmacies with signs outside saying “Vaccines available, walk in’s welcome..
  5. It’s the expats that want noise enforcement.. Led by one particular expat who’s name we are not allowed to mention on here.
  6. It’s not true., it didn’t look that bad when I drove past this afternoon, but I did only get a glimpse of it as I was passing
  7. Try one of the appliance stores at Lakeside..
  8. The boxes cost a lot less than 2000 peso on Amazon.. which is where they are purchased from.. Try and get the name and model # of the box then check the price on Amazon to how much extra you are being charged. Check out Filelinked to download the free apps..
  9. Just because it doesn’t buffer today doesn’t mean it won’t tomorrow.. The people that sell you these boxes and service know what times of the day these boxes work the best and which TV channels to show you to make it appear that it works well.. I use an android box generally speaking it works, but I never know if show I want to watch will work. It takes work to keep the box running well, updating, clearing the cache memory and other little tricks you learn to use But it’s free, The people selling you the box will want to sell you a service for a monthly fee. If you look around you can get what they are selling for free or for small fee.
  10. Can you tell and show us examples from anywhere in the world where you get anything but a flimsy piece of paper saying you have been vaccinated. Don’t bother claiming you get one in the US, because you don’t...
  11. On my trip to Texas last week there were 3 check points manned by federal police.. Also if I recall correctly don’t you often see federal police stopping vehicles on the road to the airport...
  12. Who you you rather listen to.. this guy or Spencer ?
  13. I think they have forgotten to tell the border about the restrictions, because I personally know several Canadians who have driven across the Mex-US border on their way back to Canada in the last few weeks. I crossed into Texas (Laredo) and back in to Mexico last week with no issues. And while waiting to cross saw several Mexican plated cars crossing into Laredo..
  14. It’s the same 6 gringos that attended a meeting quite a few years ago at a persons home who shall remain nameless...They were going to close down every venue with music that continued after 7pm. Never happened.. There are more music venues that ever before .. Why. ? Because the majority of the people want music.. But they like to bring the subject up about once a year to see if they can drum up more support for their cause.. All that’s missing is the post.. “I was a sound engineer for 50:years blah blah”
  15. Can’t comment on what happens in CDMX because I never go there. I have never seen anything official about GDL. The only thing I’ve ever seen is expats posting here trying to justify their point of view..and its been the same six expats complaining for the last 11 years...
  16. Here we go again the gringos are getting restless.. Let’s make Ajijic like S*** Town USA..
  17. Email address don’t need to be hacked, they are sold. There are many legitimate companies out there that purchase and resell email addresses to other companies for mass mailings. That is one of the ways companies like Facebook Yahoo and Google make money.. by selling your information
  18. Why anyone would debate anything with FlyFree is beyond me.. All you are doing is giving him more avenues to post his irrelevant garbage...
  19. A typical post from someone who’s totally lost not most of the time all of the time.. This is someone who is so out of touch with what’s going on.. He posts stuff that he makes up. The US/ Mexico border is not closed I know many Canadians who have crossed on their way back to Canada in the last few weeks.. You don’t need to lie to anyone.. just tell him your reason for entering the US I have not heard of anyone being refused entry.. I had a medical appointment.. is not having an appointment for a vaccination a medical appointment ? I guess he is trying to justify his point by playing with words...
  20. I went to the Health Mart Pharmacy. Signed up on there web site. Clicked on register for vaccine.. I listed my address as 7060 San Bernardo Avenue Laredo Texas 78041 which is the Days Inn which I often stay at when I’m in Texas.. and where I stayed this time. When you register for the vaccine you answer the health questions and to put in your zip code for the closest location to you I used 78041. The pharmacy is about a 7 minute drive from the hotel. It will show you the time slots available and the type of vaccine available I choose J&j. Once you register they email you a copy of the form you have just filled out, print that out, if you don’t have a printer take your phone or tablet to the print shop across the OXO and print it there It really was very easy..
  21. So I guess your glass is always empty ? It depends on how you look at life. I never thought for one moment that we wouldn’t get across the border. This was an adventure and we got to shop at Macy’s JC Penny and Target and a few others store’s, had some great chicken wings at Hooters, and ate at a Texas Steak House.
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