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  1. Costco carry's 20mg but not 40..
  2. Has anyone purchased Atrovastatin 40mg dose..if so where..?
  3. TelsZ4


    Stopped by for lunch yesterday.. It was delicious ... Will definitely be back...
  4. If you couldn't saying anything nice why did you have to comment.. You haven't tried the food there.. The owner try's very hard with what he's got. The right cheese is just about impossible to obtain in Mexico.. No doubt the owner ( who is a very gracious host by the way) is glad such a negative person as yourself doesn't frequent his establishment.. I for one will be glad when you go back up north for poutine,, and no doubt you will find something negative to say about that.
  5. I would not bet my life on that option working.. But it's Mexico, you just never know.. Two years ago I tried to cross in Texas at the same crossing I've used for the previous 9 years with a new passport and new truck. I had forgotten that I had a copy of the ownership and not the original in the glove box, the truck was refused entry. The young lady at the wicket was very nice, even apologized for not letting the truck in. She said to me.." If I had any one of the vehicles I had crossed with before she would let me in with a copy.. But as this was one I had never crossed with before she needed to see the original....
  6. Next Tuesday (Dec (27th) 7:30 Jonathan is playing a La Bodega. If you don't know Jonathan is he is a very talented musician from Guad.. He plays oldies such as The Beatles. Bee Gees. Do yourself a favor come out and listen to him..
  7. You could also put the ownership of your newer truck into your wife's name.. That's one way to get round the problem.. You need to figure which is the easiest way..
  8. Veronica at LCS every Monday and Tuesday. Very helpful lady.. Will take care of everything for you. She can help with Permenant/Temporay visa, IMSS, Seguro Popular, Drivers license.. Just to name a few of the services she provides.
  9. Amozon has around 25 different models available, I may be mistaken but I think I saw the full size remote keyboards at Walmart. Remote mini keyboards have been around for severall years now.. They come with a reciver (Dongle) which plugs into the USB port on your TV .. Most come with a built in touch pad so you can use the pointer... Makes scrolling thru Netflix or Ytube so much easier. If I could post pictures I would post photos of the 2 (One for each TV) that I use
  10. For around $20 bucks you can buy a mini keyboard with built in mouse that you can use with the TV. They work really well for navigating You Tube and Netflix.
  11. You did it the right way, did your own research and purchased a smart TV.
  12. Have stayed there several times over the last ten years, have always found the security to be good.. That is one of the reasons people traveling south stay there
  13. Wasn't giving them advice on specs was just giving examples of some of the specs. I was saying do your own research, and decide what you want in a TV.. Also don't listen to the so called experts on here..... I gave HD as another example because some of the poster seem to have a problem with acronyms... I said don't listen to the so called experts on here...do your own research because one of the so called experts on here told a neighbor of mine to put a memory card in their IPhone .. No need to mention names because we all know who that was...
  14. It's only a great place to stay if you are in one of the renovated rooms.. If your not its a #€£¥ hole...
  15. You can't compare prices of TV's. You need to compare the speciations, the specs vary greatly. First start with the screen size you want, I would advise a smart TV so you can have Netfix and so many other apps/programs installed on the TV. Decide on the definition you want. If you watch a lot of sports it's nice to have a fast refresh rate. 120, 240 would be better.. Those are just a few specs to consider, there are many more. My advise is to do your own research to determine what you want in a TV, don't listen to the so called experts in everything on this board. HD is an acronym for High Definition by the way....
  16. I believe they are renovating the place, and it's not before time...
  17. Everyone has different priorities in life. Personally I'm willing (and can afford) to pay someone such as the maid, gardener, car washer, Facilitator to do things to make life a little easier for me, it part the joy of living in Mexico...
  18. Right across from Walmart, a couple of stores from HSBC.
  19. People aren't afraid.. They just can't be bothered lineing up for hours to get the paper work, going to the bank, back to INM with the receipt.. I have just got my permenant card, took 5 weeks from start to finish using Veronica (She has an office at LCS). While I was sitting there waiting to pick up my card I spoke to people who had done it themselves, they found it frustrating and time consuming .. Their comment was (It wasn't worth saving 2000 peso to do it yourself.)
  20. Amanda is very helpful, she is the first one I would talk to regarding your issues, I have no doubt she will help you as much as she can, but she does work for IMN so that limits what she can do for you. Verionca who is at LCS 2 days a week is very well regarded at IMN, she works with her mother who is a retired government employee, I believe she was in IMN. A few weeks ago I needed my card ASAP so that I could register my car, I sat in IMN for 2 hours watching person after person go up to the counter and be told their card was not available, when I went up I was given my card.... I believe I got my card that day because I I explained my situation to Veronica and she said she would see what she could do for me...
  21. I have used Veronica who is at LCS on Mondays and Tuesday's for my permanent resident card, she was great, took care of everything...all I had to do was show up for my fingerprints and to pick up my card.. I know of severall people who have used her and they all would highly recommend her. I used the another lawyer who everyone raves about on this on this board, won't mention HIS name but you can guess who I mean. Twice I never received my TIP deposit back thru no fault of mine. The lawyer I contacted in Chapala told me he could get it back fo me, told me he was dealing with many others who had not had their TIP returned, well he took my money and did nothing after a couple of months of me calling him he to enquire he told he couldn't get it back..
  22. I think there is a lot more to Lizzy's story than she is letting on.. I think she went to the cheapest dentist she could find and when he screwed up she went to Dr Haro to fix it... Well Dr Haro is good but he's not God.. Her posts ramble on.... Is she trying to insinuate that Dr Haro is not an certified dentist.? Im not an expert in implants but I have done some research as I'm thinking of have a couple, I've never heard of acrylic or nylon implants, they seem to be titanium or Zirconia.. Have Used Dr Haro for ten years have never been asked or quoted US dollars..
  23. Has anybody had implants done by a dentist here in Ajijic . Not from a specialist who comes from Guad..? If you have could you please name the dentist
  24. I find that hard to believe that Dr Haro never recommend you go to Guad for a scan if he was doing implants. Dr Haro is just about the most expensive dentist in the area, but he he one of the best. I also find it hard to believe he charged you in US dollars, I have been going to him for 10 years and have never been charged in dollars. Only peso's If you are having an implant I don't think you get an MRI . you get a panoramic scan.. I have had both an MRI on my knee and a scan for an implant. They were different. i must say I admire your courage naming names and using your real name and photo.. It's not something I'm brave enough to do..
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