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  1. I don't need to rent a car I have my own.. I was just relaying the story told to me yesterday by a friend who told me Budget Rent a Car at GDL airport refused to rent him a vehicle unless he produced a letter from the credit card company which was Visa stating that they accept liability for the vehicle. He had already prepaid for this vehicle so his only choice was to take their insurance or fight with them to get his money back...
  2. Friends just rented at the airport from Budget, They were told they could not use their credit card (Visa) for insurance until they provide Budget with a letter from Visa stating they would cover the insurance. I have never rented in Mexico but in Canada the USA and Europe Budget accepted my credit card for auto insurance with no questions asked.
  3. When I had a gas leak at my condo the iron pipe had rusted at one of the elbows..
  4. Has anyone answered the question(s) "Has this happened to you ?" Or "Have you had a letter from your Bank/Broker". And by "You" I mean personally not a financial advisor saying "I have clients who this has happened to". i don't have any banking or investments in the US but have asked a few friends who do have financial dealings in some of the banks mentioned and so far they have not heard anything from their banks.. It seems to me this is a lot scaremongering by financial advisors trying to drum up business ...
  5. Do you have a set fee for this service.. Or do you charge a percentage of the clients assets ..?
  6. Be careful using UBER, Their pricing can change.. They have a pricing system that can change due to demand.. Many people NOB have been caught out by their pricing system...
  7. At 10pm the Pemex at the corner of Aldama is still serving gas, not sure what grade they have left..
  8. In my humble opinion the problem in Ajijic is being caused by a few gringo scaremongering posts.. Many people are rushing out to top up their tanks causing some stations to run out of gas.. I did just that, but when I talked to the pump guy he told me "no shortage here" but that was yesterday.. So it seems with the extra holiday traffic and panicking gringos some stations are running out...
  9. Where is the gas shortage.. According to the guys at Pemex on the Conner of Aldama there is no shortage, at 11am today they had lots of gas, both rojo and magna.. And I know this because I was just there filling up...
  10. It wouldn't matter if they did have the right cheese.. Some people just wake up in the morning with negative thoughts in their head... Puttiing a hard working Mexican down without even trying his restaurant is just plain sad.....
  11. If you couldn't saying anything nice why did you have to comment.. You haven't tried the food there.. The owner try's very hard with what he's got. The right cheese is just about impossible to obtain in Mexico.. No doubt the owner ( who is a very gracious host by the way) is glad such a negative person as yourself doesn't frequent his establishment.. I for one will be glad when you go back up north for poutine,, and no doubt you will find something negative to say about that.
  12. Right across from Walmart, a couple of stores from HSBC.
  13. I think there is a lot more to Lizzy's story than she is letting on.. I think she went to the cheapest dentist she could find and when he screwed up she went to Dr Haro to fix it... Well Dr Haro is good but he's not God.. Her posts ramble on.... Is she trying to insinuate that Dr Haro is not an certified dentist.? Im not an expert in implants but I have done some research as I'm thinking of have a couple, I've never heard of acrylic or nylon implants, they seem to be titanium or Zirconia.. Have Used Dr Haro for ten years have never been asked or quoted US dollars..
  14. Has anybody had implants done by a dentist here in Ajijic . Not from a specialist who comes from Guad..? If you have could you please name the dentist
  15. I find that hard to believe that Dr Haro never recommend you go to Guad for a scan if he was doing implants. Dr Haro is just about the most expensive dentist in the area, but he he one of the best. I also find it hard to believe he charged you in US dollars, I have been going to him for 10 years and have never been charged in dollars. Only peso's If you are having an implant I don't think you get an MRI . you get a panoramic scan.. I have had both an MRI on my knee and a scan for an implant. They were different. i must say I admire your courage naming names and using your real name and photo.. It's not something I'm brave enough to do..
  16. Great answer.. All the answers are on the government website, you can also call Service Ontario and they will answer your questions. I'm amazed that people ask for answers on such important questions when it's so easy to get the correct answers from the Gov websites. if you read this board you can see there are about 10 posters who post answers to everything.. Some of them don't even live here..
  17. As usual incorrect information.. You can be out of province (Ontario) 212 days before you are disqualified from OHIP. You must reside in Ontario for 153 days to maintain Your OHIP. As for GIS and OAS you are supposed to notify Rev Canada if you leave the country for an extended time. It is my understanding that you are not entitled to GIS and OAS if you are not residing in the province. As I am not entitled to either I haven't asked Service Ontario for a ruling on them. A couple of years ago the Canadian government along with the US government collaborated on a computer program to notify each other when passport holders left the country, I believe it went live earlier this year. The aim is to crack down on people collecting benefits to which they are not entitled to when out of the country.
  18. Only the phone # is listed in the ad, or you can fill out the contact info section. Many of of them do not speak much English and read even less. When going to see any cars I would take someone with you who understands the paper work...
  19. I was hoping someone who is going NOB and has an Jalisco plated car for sale might respond.
  20. That's what I wanted to hear...recommendations .. I've been here ten years so I know the in's and outs of living here.. Don't anything to fancy because just the other cars I've had here it's going get a lot of dings and scratches ..
  21. I'm flexible on the type of vehicle? Could be a small SUV such as a Ford Escape. Or a 4 door sedan such as a Honda Accord or Nissan Altima.. Toyota Corolla Something about 5 to 8 years old..
  22. It appears English may not be your first language, If you take the time to read and understand my post you would have understood that I was asking for recomondations for dealer with an S, not a specific dealer.. I also said I would buy from this dealer if he had the right car at the right price, despite the all the negative reviews about him over the years on this board. More to the point I really don't want to debate this with you... I am asking for recomdations .. That is all...
  23. Thanks I do use that site and I will go to Guad if I can't find anything local. I too am not a big fan of the car dealer everyone raves about as I know someone personally he has ripped off.. Anyone know if there is a specific area of Guad for used car dealers. I am familiar with the weekend market close to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  24. There are as many negative as positive reports on Spencer, but if he had the car I wanted at the price I wanted to pay I would deal with him...
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